Demolished 1988

Friday, 12th February 1932 - Tuesday, 28th March 1972

104 E. College Ave.
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, 12th February 1932StateNo One Man
Friday, 21st October 1932 - Saturday, 22nd October 1932StateHold 'Em Jail
Sunday, 23rd October 1932 - Monday, 24th October 1932StateMovie Crazy
Tuesday, 25th October 1932 - Wednesday, 26th October 1932StatePhantom of Crestwood
Thursday, 27th October 1932StateMost Dangerous Game
Sunday, 14th October 1934 - Tuesday, 16th October 1934StateCount of Monte Cristo
Friday, 9th December 1938StateMen with Wings
Sunday, 18th December 1938 - Monday, 19th December 1938StateSubmarine Patrol
Tuesday, 20th December 1938StateCampus Confessions
Wednesday, 21st December 1938 - Thursday, 22nd December 1938StateChristmas Carol
Friday, 22nd September 1939 - Saturday, 23rd September 1939StateFifth Avenue Girl
Sunday, 24th September 1939 - Monday, 25th September 1939StateUnder-Pup
Tuesday, 26th September 1939StateMillion Dollar Legs
Wednesday, 27th September 1939 - Thursday, 28th September 1939StateAngels Wash Their Faces
Friday, 20th October 1939 - Saturday, 21st October 1939StateMr. Smith Goes to Washington
Sunday, 22nd October 1939 - Monday, 23rd October 1939StateNurse Edith Cavell
Tuesday, 24th October 1939StateTorchy Plays With Dynamite
Wednesday, 25th October 1939 - Thursday, 26th October 1939StateDancing Co-Ed
Friday, 2nd February 1940 - Saturday, 3rd February 1940StateI Take This Woman
Sunday, 4th February 1940 - Monday, 5th February 1940StateHis Girl Friday
Tuesday, 6th February 1940 - Monday, 12th February 1940StateGone With The Wind
Friday, 23rd February 1940 - Saturday, 24th February 1940StateBroadway Melody of 1940
Sunday, 25th February 1940 - Monday, 26th February 1940StateMan From Dakota
Tuesday, 27th February 1940 - Wednesday, 28th February 1940StateSwiss Family Robinson
Thursday, 29th February 1940StateAll Women Have Secrets
Wednesday, 29th October 1941StateLife Begins for Andy Hardy
Thursday, 30th October 1941StateThat Night in Rio
Friday, 31st October 1941 - Saturday, 1st November 1941StateDown Mexico Way
Friday, 31st October 1941 - Saturday, 1st November 1941StateIn the Navy
Sunday, 14th March 1943 - Monday, 15th March 1943StateDay Will Dawn
Thursday, 18th March 1943StateMadame Spy
Sunday, 10th December 1944 - Monday, 11th December 1944StateRoger Touhy, Gangster
Tuesday, 12th December 1944 - Wednesday, 13th December 1944StateMan's World
Tuesday, 12th December 1944 - Wednesday, 13th December 1944StateFollow the Boys
Thursday, 14th December 1944StateMeet the People
Thursday, 14th December 1944StateThree Men in White
Friday, 15th December 1944 - Saturday, 16th December 1944StateCheyenne Wildcat
Friday, 15th December 1944 - Saturday, 16th December 1944StateSing a Jingle
Sunday, 17th December 1944 - Monday, 18th December 1944StateRains Came
Tuesday, 26th August 1947 - Wednesday, 27th August 1947StatePerils of Pauline
Friday, 9th January 1948 - Saturday, 10th January 1948StateWoman Chases Man
Tuesday, 25th May 1948 - Wednesday, 26th May 1948StateWild Harvest
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949StateTriple Threat
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949StateRangers Ride
Sunday, 30th July 1950 - Monday, 31st July 1950StateLawless
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951StateDaltons' Women
Wednesday, 19th May 1954 - Saturday, 22nd May 1954StateCreature From the Black Lagoon
Sunday, 23rd May 1954 - Tuesday, 25th May 1954StateRiding Shotgun
Wednesday, 26th May 1954StateFrench Line
Friday, 23rd September 1955StateYou're Never Too Young
Friday, 22nd February 1957 - Tuesday, 26th February 1957StateGun for a Coward
Sunday, 24th February 1957 - Tuesday, 26th February 1957StateBattle of Gettysburg
Thursday, 20th February 1958StateDarby's Rangers
Wednesday, 19th November 1958StateCry Terror!
Wednesday, 19th November 1958StateHigh Cost of Loving
Thursday, 20th November 1958StateRevenge of Frankenstein
Thursday, 20th November 1958StateNight of the Demon
Sunday, 26th March 1961 - Wednesday, 29th March 1961StateCarry On Nurse
Thursday, 30th March 1961 - Saturday, 1st April 1961StateAbsent Minded Professor
Friday, 23rd March 1962 - Saturday, 24th March 1962StateRun Silent, Run Deep
Wednesday, 19th September 1962StateTales of Terror
Thursday, 20th September 1962StateTrapeze
Thursday, 20th September 1962StateVikings
Thursday, 30th May 1963 - Saturday, 1st June 1963StateDr. No
Sunday, 9th June 1963 - Tuesday, 11th June 1963StateOperation Bikini
Friday, 14th June 1963 - Saturday, 15th June 1963StateDay of the Triffids
Sunday, 16th June 1963 - Tuesday, 18th June 1963StateYoung Racers
Wednesday, 13th November 1963 - Tuesday, 19th November 1963StateBlood Feast
Wednesday, 26th August 1964StateHard Day's Night
Thursday, 5th November 1964 - Friday, 6th November 1964StateBecket
Saturday, 7th November 1964 - Tuesday, 10th November 1964StateBehold a Pale Horse
Wednesday, 11th November 1964 - Tuesday, 17th November 1964StateIt's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Wednesday, 18th November 1964 - Thursday, 19th November 1964StatePajama Party
Saturday, 1st January 1966 - Tuesday, 11th January 1966StateThunderball
Wednesday, 12th January 1966 - Tuesday, 18th January 1966StateDo Not Disturb
Wednesday, 19th January 1966 - Tuesday, 1st February 1966StateThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
Wednesday, 2nd February 1966 - Tuesday, 29th March 1966StateSound of Music
Wednesday, 30th March 1966 - Monday, 4th April 1966StateLord Love a Duck
Tuesday, 5th April 1966 - Thursday, 14th April 1966StateHarper
Friday, 15th April 1966 - Wednesday, 20th April 1966State10th victim
Thursday, 21st April 1966 - Saturday, 23rd April 1966StateJesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
Thursday, 21st April 1966 - Saturday, 23rd April 1966StateBilly the Kid vs. Dracula
Sunday, 24th April 1966 - Wednesday, 27th April 1966StateJohnny Tiger
Thursday, 28th April 1966 - Saturday, 30th April 1966StateMan Could Get Killed
Sunday, 1st May 1966 - Saturday, 7th May 1966StateCat Ballou
Tuesday, 3rd May 1966 - Saturday, 7th May 1966StateShip of Fools
Sunday, 8th May 1966 - Saturday, 14th May 1966StateDarling
Friday, 13th May 1966StateBlood and Black Lace
Friday, 13th May 1966StateDementia 13
Monday, 30th May 1966 - Tuesday, 31st May 1966StateAlphabet Murders
Wednesday, 1st June 1966 - Saturday, 4th June 1966StateStop the World--I Want to Get Off
Sunday, 5th June 1966 - Tuesday, 7th June 1966StateThousand Clowns
Wednesday, 8th June 1966 - Saturday, 11th June 1966StateTiko and the Shark
Thursday, 11th August 1966 - Saturday, 13th August 1966StateBatman
Saturday, 13th August 1966StateHorror Castle
Saturday, 13th August 1966StateSkull
Sunday, 11th June 1967 - Tuesday, 13th June 1967StateProjected Man
Sunday, 11th June 1967 - Tuesday, 13th June 1967StateIsland of Terror
Wednesday, 14th June 1967StateHawaii
Wednesday, 20th March 1968 - Tuesday, 30th April 1968StateGraduate
Wednesday, 1st May 1968 - Saturday, 18th May 1968StateIn the Heat of the Night
Sunday, 19th May 1968 - Tuesday, 21st May 1968StatePsych-Out
Wednesday, 22nd May 1968 - Thursday, 23rd May 1968StateElvira Madigan
Wednesday, 31st July 1968 - Tuesday, 20th August 1968StateRosemary's Baby
Sunday, 29th September 1968StateGone With The Wind
Thursday, 12th March 1970 - Friday, 13th March 1970StateThey Shoot Horses Don't They?
Sunday, 5th April 1970StateBloody Mama
Friday, 26th June 1970StateWoodstock
Monday, 13th July 1970StateRider on the Rain
Monday, 14th December 1970 - Thursday, 17th December 1970StateLandlord
Friday, 18th December 1970StateTraveling Executioner
Saturday, 19th December 1970StateTraveling Executioner
Friday, 25th December 1970 - Friday, 8th January 1971StateDirty Dingus Magee
Thursday, 31st December 1970StateWatermelon Man
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Tuesday, 26th January 1971StateBrewster McCloud
Thursday, 4th February 1971StateTwelve Chairs
Friday, 5th February 1971 - Thursday, 18th February 1971StateI Love My ... Wife
Thursday, 18th February 1971 - Monday, 22nd February 1971StateSomething for Everyone
Friday, 26th February 1971 - Tuesday, 2nd March 1971StateCross and the Switchblade
Wednesday, 3rd March 1971 - Tuesday, 23rd March 1971StateFive Easy Pieces
Wednesday, 24th March 1971 - Thursday, 1st April 1971StatePatton
Friday, 2nd April 1971 - Thursday, 29th April 1971StateLittle Big Man
Friday, 30th April 1971 - Thursday, 6th May 1971StateAirport
Thursday, 6th May 1971 - Thursday, 13th May 1971StateZachariah
Friday, 14th May 1971 - Thursday, 20th May 1971StateTHX 1138
Friday, 21st May 1971 - Thursday, 27th May 1971StateFirst Love
Friday, 28th May 1971 - Thursday, 3rd June 1971StateGimme Shelter
Friday, 4th June 1971 - Thursday, 10th June 1971StatePigeons
Friday, 11th June 1971 - Tuesday, 15th June 1971StateJoe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Wednesday, 16th June 1971 - Saturday, 19th June 1971StateCelebration at Big Sur
Sunday, 20th June 1971 - Thursday, 24th June 1971StateGet Carter
Friday, 25th June 1971 - Tuesday, 29th June 1971StateCat o' Nine Tails
Wednesday, 30th June 1971 - Tuesday, 20th July 1971StateAndromeda Strain
Wednesday, 21st July 1971 - Tuesday, 3rd August 1971StateShaft
Wednesday, 4th August 1971 - Monday, 16th August 1971StateKlute
Saturday, 21st August 1971StateMcCabe and Mrs. Miller
Monday, 13th September 1971 - Tuesday, 14th September 1971StateOn Any Sunday
Thursday, 23rd September 1971 - Tuesday, 28th September 1971StateLove Machine
Sunday, 3rd October 1971 - Tuesday, 5th October 1971StateBig Doll House
Wednesday, 6th October 1971 - Sunday, 10th October 1971StateGirls from Thunder Strip
Wednesday, 6th October 1971 - Sunday, 10th October 1971StatePink Garter Gang
Wednesday, 20th October 1971 - Saturday, 23rd October 1971StateDaughters of Darkness
Saturday, 1st January 1972 - Tuesday, 4th January 1972StateSoul to Soul
Friday, 7th January 1972StateChain Gang Women
Wednesday, 16th February 1972 - Friday, 18th February 1972StateBus Is Coming
Saturday, 18th March 1972StateSkin Game
Saturday, 18th March 1972StateSummer of '42
Wednesday, 22nd March 1972 - Tuesday, 28th March 1972StateMinnie and Moskowitz