Wednesday, 27th April 1927

63-65 Haymarket

Thursday, 26th March 1931 - Wednesday, 29th April 1931CarltonMorocco
Thursday, 30th April 1931 - Thursday, 7th May 1931CarltonRight to Love
Friday, 26th January 1940CarltonGulliver's Travels
Wednesday, 1st March 1944 - Monday, 13th March 1944CarltonFor Whom the Bell Tolls
Saturday, 25th January 1958CarltonEnemy Below
Thursday, 17th April 1958CarltonFarewell to Arms
Friday, 7th August 1959CarltonBobbikins
Monday, 8th February 1960CarltonJourney to the Center of the Earth
Thursday, 18th February 1960 - Friday, 4th March 1960CarltonStory on Page One
Friday, 5th January 1962 - Wednesday, 31st January 1962CarltonComancheros
Thursday, 20th September 1962CarltonOklahoma!
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Wednesday, 20th November 1963CarltonEyes of Annie Jones
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Wednesday, 20th November 1963CarltonKing Kong vs. Godzilla
Thursday, 21st November 1963 - Wednesday, 4th December 1963CarltonGenevieve
Thursday, 21st November 1963 - Wednesday, 4th December 1963CarltonDoctor in the House
Thursday, 5th December 1963 - Tuesday, 24th December 1963CarltonLeopard
Thursday, 26th December 1963 - Tuesday, 31st December 1963CarltonTake Her, She's Mine
Monday, 27th January 1964CarltonOf Love and Desire
Monday, 2nd March 1964CarltonIrma La Douce
Thursday, 30th April 1964CarltonSeven Days in May
Saturday, 19th September 1964 - Sunday, 20th September 1964CarltonLove with the Proper Stranger
Saturday, 28th August 1965 - Saturday, 11th September 1965CarltonVisit
Thursday, 16th September 1965CarltonCleopatra
Thursday, 6th July 1967 - Wednesday, 2nd August 1967CarltonIn Like Flint
Saturday, 30th September 1967 - Saturday, 14th October 1967CarltonTwo for the Road
Saturday, 21st October 1967 - Saturday, 4th November 1967CarltonHappening
Saturday, 11th November 1967CarltonDead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round
Saturday, 25th November 1967 - Saturday, 16th December 1967CarltonWar Wagon
Wednesday, 20th December 1967 - Saturday, 30th December 1967CarltonBedazzled
Friday, 11th April 1969 - Saturday, 27th September 1969CarltonPrime of Miss Jean Brodie
Friday, 3rd October 1969CarltonChe!
Friday, 20th March 1970CarltonButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Friday, 27th November 1970CarltonFigures in a Landscape
Saturday, 12th December 1970 - Saturday, 19th December 1970CarltonBlue Max
Wednesday, 30th December 1970 - Friday, 8th January 1971CarltonHello, Dolly!
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Friday, 5th February 1971CarltonMonte Walsh
Friday, 12th February 1971 - Wednesday, 3rd March 1971CarltonBeyond the Valley of the Dolls
Thursday, 4th March 1971 - Saturday, 3rd April 1971CarltonJane Eyre
Thursday, 8th April 1971 - Monday, 12th April 1971CarltonGreat White Hope
Thursday, 13th May 1971 - Thursday, 20th May 1971CarltonAll the Right Noises
Saturday, 29th May 1971 - Tuesday, 1st June 1971CarltonSomething for Everyone
Friday, 2nd July 1971CarltonMephisto Waltz
Monday, 13th September 1971CarltonAbominable Dr. Phibes
Saturday, 18th March 1972 - Thursday, 4th May 1972CarltonFrench Connection
Wednesday, 14th June 1972 - Thursday, 22nd June 1972CarltonMade for Each Other
Saturday, 1st July 1972 - Saturday, 22nd July 1972CarltonCulpepper Cattle Company
Thursday, 27th July 1972 - Wednesday, 30th August 1972CarltonConquest of the Planet of the Apes
Thursday, 31st August 1972 - Wednesday, 13th September 1972CarltonButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Thursday, 31st August 1972 - Wednesday, 13th September 1972CarltonPrime of Miss Jean Brodie
Thursday, 14th September 1972 - Saturday, 30th September 1972CarltonPrime Cut
Wednesday, 31st January 1973 - Monday, 14th May 1973CarltonPoseidon Adventure
Thursday, 27th September 1973 - Wednesday, 31st October 1973CarltonLegend of Hell House
Saturday, 9th March 1974 - Monday, 11th March 1974CarltonSeven-Ups
Thursday, 2nd July 1981 - Wednesday, 22nd July 1981CarltonExcalibur