Leicester Square Theatre

Odeon West End

Friday, 19th December 1930 - Thursday, 1st January 2015

40 Leicester Square
Westminster, London

Friday, 19th December 1930 - Friday, 9th January 1931Viennese Nights
Saturday, 10th January 1931 - Thursday, 22nd January 1931Kismet
Friday, 23rd January 1931 - Thursday, 29th January 1931Widow From Chicago
Friday, 23rd January 1931 - Thursday, 29th January 1931Sunny
Friday, 30th January 1931 - Thursday, 5th February 1931Scarlet Pages
Friday, 30th January 1931 - Thursday, 5th February 1931Truth about Youth
Friday, 6th February 1931 - Thursday, 12th February 1931Part Time Wife
Friday, 13th February 1931 - Thursday, 19th February 1931Hook, Line and Sinker
Friday, 20th February 1931 - Thursday, 26th February 1931Sit Tight
Friday, 20th February 1931 - Thursday, 26th February 1931Other Men's Women
Friday, 27th February 1931 - Friday, 6th March 1931Sleeping Cardinal
Saturday, 7th March 1931 - Friday, 3rd April 1931Cimarron
Saturday, 4th April 1931 - Thursday, 16th April 1931Royal Bed
Saturday, 4th April 1931 - Thursday, 16th April 1931Millie
Friday, 17th April 1931 - Thursday, 30th April 1931Beau Ideal
Friday, 17th April 1931 - Thursday, 30th April 1931Kept Husbands
Friday, 1st May 1931 - Monday, 11th May 1931Born to Love
Friday, 22nd May 1931 - Thursday, 28th May 1931Behind Office Doors
Friday, 29th May 1931 - Thursday, 11th June 1931Bachelor Apartment
Friday, 12th June 1931 - Thursday, 18th June 1931Cracked Nuts
Friday, 19th June 1931 - Thursday, 25th June 1931Beyond Victory
Friday, 26th June 1931 - Thursday, 2nd July 1931White Shoulders
Friday, 3rd July 1931 - Thursday, 9th July 1931Laugh and Get Rich
Friday, 10th July 1931 - Thursday, 23rd July 1931Young Donovan's Kid
Friday, 17th July 1931 - Thursday, 23rd July 1931Everything's Rosie
Friday, 24th July 1931 - Friday, 7th August 1931Woman of Experience
Friday, 31st July 1931 - Friday, 7th August 1931Sweepstakes
Monday, 7th September 1931Common Law
Monday, 1st January 1934Private Life of Henry VIII
Wednesday, 7th November 1934No Greater Glory
Thursday, 8th November 1934Last Gentleman
Monday, 3rd December 1934Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round
Friday, 21st December 1934 - Friday, 8th February 1935Scarlet Pimpernel
Friday, 8th March 1935 - Monday, 1st April 1935Brewster's Millions
Tuesday, 2nd April 1935 - Tuesday, 4th June 1935Sanders of the River
Wednesday, 5th June 1935 - Friday, 7th June 193518 Minutes
Wednesday, 19th June 1935 - Sunday, 18th August 1935Cardinal Richelieu
Monday, 19th August 1935 - Saturday, 24th August 1935Where's George?
Sunday, 25th August 1935 - Tuesday, 5th November 1935Dark Angel
Wednesday, 28th August 1935 - Tuesday, 24th September 1935Peg of Old Drury
Wednesday, 6th November 1935 - Wednesday, 27th November 1935Moscow Nights
Thursday, 28th November 1935 - Monday, 16th December 1935She Couldn't Take It
Tuesday, 17th December 1935 - Friday, 27th December 1935Ghost Goes West
Tuesday, 11th May 1937Victoria the Great
Friday, 26th January 1940Band Waggon
Saturday, 19th September 1942Secret Mission
Saturday, 3rd October 1942Great Mr. Handel
Saturday, 24th October 1942 - Thursday, 29th October 1942Between Us Girls
Friday, 30th October 1942 - Thursday, 3rd December 1942Who Done It?
Friday, 4th December 1942 - Saturday, 12th December 1942King Arthur Was a Gentleman
Thursday, 24th December 1942 - Thursday, 31st December 1942Nightmare
Tuesday, 19th January 1943Sherlock Holmes in Washington
Tuesday, 19th January 1943Buck Privates
Wednesday, 27th October 1943Lamp Still Burns
Wednesday, 1st March 1944 - Saturday, 4th March 1944His Butler's Sister
Friday, 10th November 1944 - Saturday, 25th November 1944San Diego, I Love You
Saturday, 10th March 1951Rawhide
Wednesday, 11th August 1954 - Friday, 13th August 1954Beachcomber
Tuesday, 12th October 1954Lease of Life
Friday, 24th December 1954 - Sunday, 26th December 1954Three Hours to Kill
Friday, 26th August 1955Man From Laramie
Monday, 19th September 1955 - Wednesday, 28th September 1955Man of the Moment
Saturday, 1st October 1955Summer Madness
Monday, 2nd February 1959Operation Amsterdam
Monday, 8th February 1960 - Friday, 12th February 1960Operation Petticoat
Thursday, 18th February 1960 - Friday, 25th March 1960Conspiracy of Hearts
Saturday, 4th June 1960 - Tuesday, 7th June 1960Day They Robbed the Bank of England
Saturday, 18th June 1960 - Thursday, 30th June 1960Unforgiven
Tuesday, 2nd August 1960 - Wednesday, 31st August 1960Apartment
Tuesday, 3rd January 1961Elmer Gantry
Wednesday, 1st February 1961Midnight Lace
Wednesday, 1st March 1961No Love for Johnnie
Saturday, 18th March 1961Grass is Greener
Saturday, 1st April 1961Double Bunk
Saturday, 6th May 1961Very Important Person
Saturday, 3rd June 1961Nearly a Nasty Accident
Saturday, 17th June 1961Absent Minded Professor
Saturday, 1st July 1961Young Savages
Saturday, 5th August 1961Last Sunset
Saturday, 2nd September 1961Goodbye Again
Saturday, 16th September 1961Taste of Honey
Saturday, 7th October 1961Young Doctors
Saturday, 4th November 1961Hustler
Saturday, 2nd December 1961Town Without Pity
Saturday, 16th December 1961Bachelor Flat
Saturday, 23rd December 1961 - Wednesday, 31st January 1962Judgment at Nuremberg
Friday, 2nd February 1962All Night Long
Wednesday, 7th March 1962 - Monday, 2nd April 1962Flower Drum Song
Wednesday, 11th April 1962 - Wednesday, 25th April 1962Sergeants 3
Thursday, 26th April 1962 - Wednesday, 23rd May 1962Lonely are the Brave
Thursday, 24th May 1962 - Wednesday, 6th June 1962Strongroom
Thursday, 24th May 1962 - Wednesday, 6th June 1962Two and Two Make Six
Thursday, 7th June 1962 - Wednesday, 27th June 1962Phantom of the Opera
Thursday, 7th June 1962 - Wednesday, 27th June 1962Night Creatures
Thursday, 28th June 1962 - Wednesday, 25th July 1962Five Finger Exercise
Thursday, 26th July 1962 - Wednesday, 29th August 1962Lion
Thursday, 30th August 1962 - Wednesday, 19th September 1962Life for Ruth
Thursday, 30th August 1962 - Wednesday, 19th September 1962Band of Thieves
Thursday, 20th September 1962 - Wednesday, 10th October 1962Billy Budd
Thursday, 11th October 1962 - Saturday, 31st August 1963Longest Day
Thursday, 5th September 1963 - Saturday, 5th October 1963For Love or Money
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Monday, 18th November 1963Informers
Tuesday, 19th November 1963 - Tuesday, 31st December 1963Victors
Saturday, 25th January 1964 - Monday, 27th January 1964McLintock!
Monday, 2nd March 1964Charade
Thursday, 30th April 1964Chalk Garden
Saturday, 19th September 1964 - Sunday, 20th September 1964Best Man
Wednesday, 14th October 1964 - Saturday, 24th October 1964Dr. No
Friday, 5th March 1965Kiss Me, Stupid
Thursday, 18th March 1965Ipcress File
Saturday, 5th June 1965Art of Love
Saturday, 5th June 1965That Funny Feeling
Monday, 5th July 1965Genghis Khan
Thursday, 5th August 1965Shenandoah
Thursday, 19th August 1965San Ferry Ann
Thursday, 19th August 1965You Must be Joking
Saturday, 11th September 1965 - Thursday, 16th September 1965How to Murder Your Wife
Wednesday, 11th December 1968 - Tuesday, 14th January 1969Shalako
Wednesday, 15th January 1969 - Wednesday, 10th June 1970Oliver!
Tuesday, 1st September 1970Sunflower
Friday, 27th November 1970 - Wednesday, 10th February 1971Tora! Tora! Tora!
Thursday, 11th February 1971 - Wednesday, 3rd March 1971Assault
Saturday, 13th February 1971Sangen om den røde rubin
Thursday, 4th March 1971 - Tuesday, 6th April 1971Promise at Dawn
Wednesday, 7th April 1971 - Tuesday, 1st June 1971Last Valley
Friday, 2nd July 1971 - Monday, 13th September 1971Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Monday, 29th November 1971 - Thursday, 16th December 1971Carnal Knowledge
Thursday, 30th December 1971 - Wednesday, 31st May 1972Nicholas and Alexandra
Thursday, 20th July 1972Young Winston
Monday, 31st July 1972Nightcomers
Monday, 14th May 1973Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing
Friday, 22nd June 1973 - Wednesday, 4th July 1973Penny Gold
Thursday, 8th November 1973Belstone Fox
Wednesday, 5th December 1973 - Wednesday, 19th December 1973Don't Look Now
Thursday, 20th December 1973 - Wednesday, 6th February 1974Day of the Dolphin
Thursday, 7th February 1974 - Monday, 11th March 1974Way We Were
Thursday, 14th March 1974 - Saturday, 8th June 1974Papillon
Saturday, 4th January 1975 - Tuesday, 4th February 1975Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
Saturday, 4th January 1975 - Tuesday, 4th February 1975Island at the Top of the World
Saturday, 15th February 1975 - Friday, 28th February 1975Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Wednesday, 19th March 1975Funny Lady
Friday, 25th April 1975 - Wednesday, 31st December 1975Tommy
Friday, 2nd January 1976 - Saturday, 21st February 1976Return of the Pink Panther
Saturday, 13th March 1976Farewell, My Lovely
Thursday, 18th March 1976 - Saturday, 22nd May 1976Man who fell to Earth
Friday, 28th May 1976 - Saturday, 17th July 1976Robin and Marian
Saturday, 24th July 1976 - Wednesday, 25th August 1976Bugsy Malone
Thursday, 26th August 1976 - Wednesday, 24th November 1976Murder by Death
Thursday, 25th November 1976 - Wednesday, 12th January 1977I Will, I Will for Now
Thursday, 13th January 1977 - Tuesday, 15th February 1977Carrie
Thursday, 17th February 1977 - Friday, 25th February 1977Network
Thursday, 28th April 1977Turning Point
Sunday, 1st May 1977Rocky
Thursday, 2nd June 1977Cassandra Crossing
Monday, 31st October 1977Valentino
Tuesday, 27th December 1977 - Wednesday, 1st March 1978Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Thursday, 2nd March 1978 - Thursday, 16th March 1978Tomorrow Never Comes
Thursday, 6th July 1978 - Thursday, 17th August 1978Wild Geese
Monday, 18th September 1978F.I.S.T.
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Thirty-Nine Steps
Saturday, 15th May 1982Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Saturday, 15th May 1982Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Wednesday, 6th July 1983Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
Friday, 18th November 1983Cujo
Friday, 2nd March 1984Christine
Wednesday, 30th January 1985Terminator
Saturday, 11th May 1985Starman
Friday, 12th July 1985Return to Oz
Sunday, 3rd November 1985Emerald Forest
Sunday, 26th January 2014 - Wednesday, 5th February 2014Hobbit
The Desolation of Smaug
Sunday, 26th January 2014 - Tuesday, 28th January 2014Delivery Man
Wednesday, 29th January 2014 - Tuesday, 11th February 2014That Awkward Moment
Thursday, 6th February 2014Railway Man
Friday, 7th February 2014 - Thursday, 20th March 2014Invisible Woman
Thursday, 27th February 2014 - Tuesday, 11th March 2014Winter's Tale
Wednesday, 12th March 2014 - Monday, 31st March 2014Need for Speed
Wednesday, 12th March 2014 - Tuesday, 1st April 2014Book Thief
Friday, 21st March 2014 - Tuesday, 1st April 2014Labor Day
Sunday, 6th July 2014 - Thursday, 10th July 2014Tammy
Sunday, 6th July 2014 - Thursday, 10th July 2014Jersey Boys
Thursday, 1st January 2015Interstellar