Lincoln Drive-In

Wednesday, 1st July 1953 - 1968

Pasco St.
Tallahassee, FL

Saturday, 15th January 1955Main Street Girl
Saturday, 15th January 1955Her Hidden Talents
Sunday, 12th June 1955Miracle in Harlem
Tuesday, 14th June 1955 - Wednesday, 15th June 1955Suddenly!
Thursday, 16th June 1955 - Friday, 17th June 1955Barefoot Contessa
Saturday, 18th June 1955 - Sunday, 19th June 1955Duffy of San Quentin
Saturday, 18th June 1955Diamond Queen
Saturday, 18th June 1955 - Sunday, 19th June 1955Ambush at Tomahawk Gap
Saturday, 18th June 1955Broken Arrow
Monday, 7th November 1955 - Tuesday, 8th November 1955Carmen Jones
Sunday, 4th December 1955Private Eyes
Sunday, 4th December 1955Man From Bitter Ridge
Monday, 5th December 1955 - Tuesday, 6th December 1955Escape to Burma
Wednesday, 7th December 1955 - Thursday, 8th December 1955Dial M for Murder