Florida Theatre

The Rocking Chair Theatre, The Movie Pub, Cinema 'n' Drafthouse

Wednesday, 20th November 1940 - Wednesday, 9th December 1987

118 N.Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL

Wednesday, 20th November 1940 - Thursday, 21st November 1940Mark of Zorro
Friday, 22nd November 1940 - Saturday, 23rd November 1940You'll Find Out
Sunday, 24th November 1940Northwest Mounted Police
Wednesday, 29th October 1941Lady Be Good
Thursday, 30th October 1941 - Saturday, 1st November 1941Nothing but the Truth
Friday, 31st October 1941Man Made Monster
Friday, 31st October 1941We Go Fast
Sunday, 14th March 1943 - Monday, 15th March 1943Yank at Eton
Sunday, 10th December 1944 - Monday, 11th December 1944Marriage Is a Private Affair
Tuesday, 26th August 1947Miracle on 34th Street
Wednesday, 27th August 1947 - Saturday, 30th August 1947Variety Girl
Friday, 9th January 1948 - Saturday, 10th January 1948Fun and Fancy Free
Tuesday, 25th May 1948 - Wednesday, 26th May 1948Stormy Weather
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949You're My Everything
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951Blue Veil
Wednesday, 8th June 1955 - Tuesday, 14th June 195520,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Friday, 23rd September 1955How to Be Very, Very Popular
Wednesday, 28th November 1956 - Tuesday, 4th December 1956Love Me Tender
Wednesday, 5th December 1956 - Monday, 10th December 1956Teenage Rebel
Thursday, 20th February 1958Gift of Love
Wednesday, 14th May 1958 - Saturday, 17th May 1958Run Silent, Run Deep
Wednesday, 9th July 1958 - Saturday, 12th July 1958Thing That Couldn't Die
Wednesday, 9th July 1958 - Saturday, 12th July 1958Dracula
Sunday, 13th July 1958Cole Younger, Gunfighter
Wednesday, 19th September 1962 - Thursday, 20th September 1962Lolita
Wednesday, 1st May 1963 - Sunday, 5th May 1963Birds
Thursday, 30th May 1963 - Saturday, 1st June 1963Hud
Sunday, 9th June 1963 - Tuesday, 11th June 1963Yellow Canary
Sunday, 20th June 1965Devil-Ship Pirates
Sunday, 11th June 1967 - Tuesday, 13th June 1967Alamo
Wednesday, 14th June 1967Double Trouble
Wednesday, 21st June 1967Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sunday, 31st March 1968 - Saturday, 6th April 1968Secret War of Harry Frigg
Sunday, 7th April 1968 - Tuesday, 9th April 1968Billion Dollar Brain
Wednesday, 10th April 1968 - Tuesday, 30th April 1968Planet of the Apes
Wednesday, 1st May 1968 - Tuesday, 7th May 1968Party
Wednesday, 8th May 1968 - Tuesday, 14th May 1968Closely Watched Trains
Wednesday, 15th May 1968 - Tuesday, 21st May 1968Scalphunters
Wednesday, 22nd May 1968 - Thursday, 23rd May 1968Madigan
Sunday, 29th September 1968 - Tuesday, 1st October 1968How Sweet It Is!
Wednesday, 2nd October 1968Around the World in 80 Days
Thursday, 12th March 1970 - Saturday, 14th March 1970Scream and Scream Again
Sunday, 5th April 1970 - Tuesday, 7th April 1970Marooned
Wednesday, 8th April 1970Anne of the Thousand Days
Wednesday, 10th June 1970The Haunted House of Horror
Monday, 13th July 1970Myra Breckinridge
Wednesday, 15th July 1970King Kong vs. Godzilla
Monday, 14th December 1970On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Thursday, 17th December 1970 - Saturday, 19th December 1970Hell's Bloody Devils
Saturday, 19th December 1970Colossus: The Forbin Project
Saturday, 19th December 1970Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
Friday, 25th December 1970 - Thursday, 14th January 1971Rio Lobo
Thursday, 14th January 1971In Cold Blood
Thursday, 14th January 1971Professionals
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Thursday, 28th January 1971There Was a Crooked Man ...
Tuesday, 2nd February 1971 - Saturday, 6th February 1971Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Thursday, 4th February 1971Elephant Called Slowly
Thursday, 11th February 1971 - Tuesday, 16th February 1971Watermelon Man
Wednesday, 17th February 1971 - Tuesday, 2nd March 1971Little Fauss and Big Halsy
Wednesday, 3rd March 1971 - Tuesday, 16th March 1971MASH
Wednesday, 17th March 1971 - Tuesday, 30th March 1971There's a Girl in My Soup
Wednesday, 31st March 1971 - Tuesday, 6th April 1971Cromwell
Wednesday, 7th April 1971 - Thursday, 15th April 1971Barefoot Executive
Friday, 16th April 1971 - Tuesday, 20th April 1971Aristocats
Wednesday, 21st April 1971 - Tuesday, 25th May 1971Ryan's Daughter
Wednesday, 26th May 1971 - Saturday, 29th May 1971Night of the Witches
Wednesday, 26th May 1971 - Saturday, 29th May 1971Frankenstein on Campus
Sunday, 30th May 1971 - Tuesday, 1st June 1971It's Your Thing
Wednesday, 2nd June 1971 - Tuesday, 8th June 1971Mephisto Waltz
Wednesday, 9th June 1971 - Thursday, 10th June 1971Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
Wednesday, 9th June 1971 - Thursday, 10th June 1971You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
Friday, 11th June 1971 - Thursday, 17th June 1971Deserter
Friday, 18th June 1971 - Tuesday, 29th June 197120,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Wednesday, 30th June 1971Ring of Bright Water
Wednesday, 30th June 1971 - Tuesday, 20th July 1971Big Jake
Wednesday, 7th July 1971Tarzan's Deadly Silence
Wednesday, 14th July 1971Let it Be
Wednesday, 21st July 1971 - Saturday, 24th July 1971Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Sunday, 25th July 1971 - Tuesday, 27th July 1971Hang 'Em High
Sunday, 25th July 1971 - Tuesday, 27th July 1971Blue Water, White Death
Sunday, 25th July 1971 - Tuesday, 27th July 1971Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Wednesday, 28th July 1971Hello Down There
Wednesday, 28th July 1971 - Tuesday, 3rd August 1971Blue Water, White Death
Monday, 2nd August 1971Monte Carlo or Bust!
Wednesday, 4th August 1971 - Tuesday, 17th August 1971Anderson Tapes
Wednesday, 11th August 1971Kathy O'
Wednesday, 18th August 1971Bamboo Saucer
Saturday, 21st August 1971Two-Lane Blacktop
Monday, 13th September 1971 - Tuesday, 14th September 1971One More Train to Rob
Thursday, 23rd September 1971Von Richthofen and Brown
Sunday, 26th September 1971 - Tuesday, 28th September 1971Act of the Heart
Wednesday, 29th September 1971 - Thursday, 30th September 1971Lord Of The Flies
Wednesday, 29th September 1971 - Thursday, 30th September 1971David and Lisa
Sunday, 3rd October 1971 - Thursday, 7th October 1971Windsplitter
Wednesday, 6th October 1971 - Thursday, 21st October 1971Evel Knievel
Friday, 22nd October 1971 - Saturday, 23rd October 1971Man and Boy
Saturday, 1st January 1972 - Friday, 7th January 1972Diamonds Are Forever
Wednesday, 16th February 1972 - Friday, 18th February 1972Cactus in the Snow
Saturday, 18th March 1972My Old Man's Place
Saturday, 25th March 1972 - Tuesday, 30th May 1972Godfather
Saturday, 27th May 1972 - Friday, 2nd June 1972Fritz the Cat
Wednesday, 31st May 1972Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
Thursday, 10th May 1973Theatre of Blood
Friday, 11th May 1973Soylent Green
Friday, 29th March 1974 - Tuesday, 2nd April 1974Three Musketeers
Tuesday, 24th June 1975 - Wednesday, 25th June 1975No Blade of Grass
Saturday, 11th September 1976Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday
Saturday, 20th November 1976Amazing Dobermans
Sunday, 3rd April 1977Jesus of Nazareth
Sunday, 10th April 1977Jesus of Nazareth
Tuesday, 12th April 1977 - Wednesday, 20th April 1977Eagle Has Landed
Friday, 8th July 1977 - Friday, 15th July 1977Smokey and the Bandit
Friday, 22nd July 1977Jaws
Friday, 29th July 1977Spy Who Loved Me
Monday, 31st October 1977Whiskey Mountain
Monday, 28th November 1977Hills Have Eyes
Friday, 3rd March 1978Smokey and the Bandit
Monday, 3rd July 1978Jaws 2
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978At Last, at Last
Friday, 13th November 1987Someone To Watch Over Me
Friday, 20th November 1987Principal
Tuesday, 8th December 1987 - Wednesday, 9th December 1987Made in Heaven