Thursday, 17th April 1884

5-6 Leicester Square

Friday, 24th April 1931EmpireBe Big!
Friday, 24th April 1931 - Thursday, 30th April 1931EmpireReducing
Friday, 26th May 1939EmpireAsk a Policeman
Friday, 26th January 1940EmpireWizard of Oz
Thursday, 18th April 1940 - Thursday, 11th July 1940EmpireGone With The Wind
Wednesday, 1st March 1944 - Monday, 13th March 1944EmpireMadame Curie
Tuesday, 3rd January 1950EmpireThat Forsyte Woman
Wednesday, 10th January 1951 - Friday, 26th January 1951EmpireKing Solomon's Mines
Monday, 29th January 1951 - Tuesday, 6th February 1951EmpireKim
Saturday, 10th March 1951EmpireThree Guys Named Mike
Friday, 6th April 1956 - Monday, 23rd April 1956EmpireSafari
Saturday, 25th January 1958EmpireJailhouse Rock
Tuesday, 17th March 1959EmpireJourney
Monday, 14th September 1959 - Wednesday, 14th October 1959EmpireYesterday's Enemy
Monday, 8th February 1960 - Friday, 30th December 1960EmpireBen-Hur
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Wednesday, 20th November 1963EmpireAnna Karenina
Thursday, 21st November 1963 - Wednesday, 27th November 1963EmpireConquest
Thursday, 28th November 1963 - Wednesday, 4th December 1963EmpireCamille
Thursday, 5th December 1963 - Wednesday, 11th December 1963EmpireQueen Christina
Thursday, 12th December 1963 - Wednesday, 18th December 1963EmpireDock Brief
Thursday, 12th December 1963 - Wednesday, 18th December 1963EmpireNinotchka
Thursday, 19th December 1963 - Tuesday, 31st December 1963EmpireBen-Hur
Saturday, 25th January 1964 - Monday, 27th January 1964EmpireLeather Boys
Monday, 2nd March 1964EmpirePrize
Thursday, 30th April 1964EmpireBargee
Saturday, 19th September 1964 - Sunday, 20th September 1964EmpireNight of the Iguana
Saturday, 11th September 1965 - Thursday, 16th September 1965EmpireSandpiper
Tuesday, 26th April 1966 - Monday, 9th September 1968EmpireDoctor Zhivago
Tuesday, 10th September 1968 - Wednesday, 30th April 1969EmpireGone With The Wind
Wednesday, 23rd July 1969 - Wednesday, 13th August 1969EmpireAlfred the Great
Saturday, 27th September 1969 - Friday, 3rd October 1969EmpireFixer
Friday, 20th March 1970 - Wednesday, 29th April 1970EmpireZabriskie Point
Thursday, 30th April 1970 - Wednesday, 24th June 1970Empire2001: A Space Odyssey
Thursday, 25th June 1970 - Wednesday, 16th September 1970EmpireWoodstock
Thursday, 17th September 1970 - Tuesday, 8th December 1970EmpireKelly's Heroes
Wednesday, 9th December 1970 - Wednesday, 2nd February 1972EmpireRyan's Daughter
Thursday, 3rd February 1972 - Wednesday, 7th June 1972EmpireBoy Friend
Thursday, 8th June 1972 - Wednesday, 21st June 1972EmpireShoes of the Fisherman
Thursday, 22nd June 1972 - Wednesday, 12th July 1972EmpireGreat Caruso
Thursday, 13th July 1972 - Wednesday, 2nd August 1972EmpireSkyjacked
Wednesday, 16th August 1972 - Wednesday, 23rd August 1972EmpireShaft's Big Score
Thursday, 24th August 1972 - Saturday, 30th September 1972EmpireGodfather
Tuesday, 19th December 1972EmpireLady Caroline Lamb
Thursday, 21st June 1973EmpireSoylent Green
Saturday, 9th March 1974 - Monday, 11th March 1974EmpireSting
Thursday, 11th September 1975 - Tuesday, 23rd September 1975EmpireEiger Sanction
Wednesday, 20th September 1978EmpireGrease
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978EmpireGrease
Monday, 21st December 1981EmpireGallipoli
Tuesday, 20th July 1982EmpirePink Floyd - The Wall
Friday, 24th September 1982EmpirePoltergeist
Wednesday, 28th December 1983EmpireBrainstorm
Monday, 15th October 1984EmpireStreets of Fire
Tuesday, 4th December 1984Empire 1, Leicester Sq.Give My Regards to Broad Street
Tuesday, 18th December 1984Empire 1, Leicester Sq.Dune
Saturday, 23rd March 1985Empire2010
Monday, 13th May 1985EmpireBeverly Hills Cop
Thursday, 12th December 1985EmpireBack To The Future