Thursday, 25th November 1937

5-6 Leicester Square

Saturday, 11th September 1965 - Thursday, 16th September 1965Spy with My Face
Thursday, 2nd January 1969 - Friday, 3rd January 1969Hot Millions
Friday, 11th April 1969 - Friday, 3rd October 1969Where Eagles Dare
Friday, 20th March 1970Cincinnati Kid
Friday, 20th March 1970Point Blank
Friday, 27th November 1970Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Saturday, 12th December 1970 - Wednesday, 30th December 1970Dirty Dingus Magee
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Saturday, 6th March 1971Railway Children
Wednesday, 17th March 1971Hotel Paradiso
Wednesday, 31st March 1971Country Dance
Monday, 12th April 1971Where Eagles Dare
Thursday, 13th May 1971 - Saturday, 29th May 1971Elvis: That's the Way It Is
Friday, 2nd July 1971Get Carter
Monday, 13th September 1971Kelly's Heroes
Thursday, 23rd March 1972 - Wednesday, 29th March 1972Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
Thursday, 30th March 1972 - Wednesday, 19th April 1972Villain
Thursday, 20th April 1972 - Thursday, 27th April 1972Believe in Me
Friday, 28th April 1972 - Wednesday, 10th May 1972Dirty Dozen
Thursday, 18th May 1972 - Wednesday, 31st May 1972Jerusalem File
Monday, 31st July 1972Sitting Target
Monday, 11th March 1974Day of the Jackal
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Friday, 12th September 1975Confessions of a Pop Performer
Tuesday, 23rd September 1975Nashville
Thursday, 14th February 1980 - Tuesday, 18th March 1980Meatballs