Thursday, 25th November 1937

5-6 Leicester Square

Saturday, 11th September 1965 - Thursday, 16th September 1965RitzSpy with My Face
Thursday, 2nd January 1969 - Friday, 3rd January 1969RitzHot Millions
Friday, 11th April 1969 - Friday, 3rd October 1969RitzWhere Eagles Dare
Friday, 20th March 1970RitzCincinnati Kid
Friday, 20th March 1970RitzPoint Blank
Friday, 27th November 1970RitzSeven Brides for Seven Brothers
Saturday, 12th December 1970 - Wednesday, 30th December 1970RitzDirty Dingus Magee
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Saturday, 6th March 1971RitzRailway Children
Wednesday, 17th March 1971RitzHotel Paradiso
Wednesday, 31st March 1971RitzCountry Dance
Monday, 12th April 1971RitzWhere Eagles Dare
Thursday, 13th May 1971 - Saturday, 29th May 1971RitzElvis: That's the Way It Is
Friday, 2nd July 1971RitzGet Carter
Monday, 13th September 1971RitzKelly's Heroes
Thursday, 23rd March 1972 - Wednesday, 29th March 1972RitzGang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
Thursday, 30th March 1972 - Wednesday, 19th April 1972RitzVillain
Thursday, 20th April 1972 - Thursday, 27th April 1972RitzBelieve in Me
Friday, 28th April 1972 - Wednesday, 10th May 1972RitzDirty Dozen
Thursday, 18th May 1972 - Wednesday, 31st May 1972RitzJerusalem File
Wednesday, 14th June 1972 - Thursday, 22nd June 1972RitzCool Breeze
Thursday, 22nd June 1972RitzShaft
Monday, 31st July 1972RitzSitting Target
Thursday, 31st August 1972RitzShaft's Big Score
Saturday, 30th September 1972RitzHenry VIII and His Six Wives
Monday, 11th March 1974RitzDay of the Jackal
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Friday, 12th September 1975RitzConfessions of a Pop Performer
Tuesday, 23rd September 1975RitzNashville
Thursday, 13th October 1977RitzDemon Seed
Thursday, 14th February 1980 - Tuesday, 18th March 1980RitzMeatballs