Warner West End

Wednesday, 12th October 1938

3 Cranbourne Street, Leicester Square

Wednesday, 12th October 1938 - Tuesday, 15th November 1938Adventures of Robin Hood
Wednesday, 16th November 1938 - Thursday, 8th December 1938Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse
Friday, 26th January 1940Old Maid
Wednesday, 1st March 1944 - Saturday, 4th March 1944Hundred Pound Window
Monday, 13th May 1946 - Saturday, 1st June 1946Mildred Pierce
Friday, 9th January 1948Brighton Rock
Friday, 29th July 1949 - Thursday, 18th August 1949Adventures of Don Juan
Friday, 19th August 1949 - Thursday, 1st September 1949My Dream is Yours
Friday, 2nd September 1949 - Thursday, 15th September 1949Fountainhead
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Tuesday, 20th September 1949Hasty Heart
Saturday, 10th March 1951Storm Warning
Tuesday, 12th October 1954For Better, For Worse
Friday, 24th December 1954 - Sunday, 26th December 1954Drum Beat
Monday, 8th February 1960 - Thursday, 11th February 1960Malaga
Thursday, 18th February 1960Two Way Stretch
Thursday, 25th February 1960 - Friday, 4th March 1960Bramble Bush
Friday, 11th March 1960 - Friday, 18th March 1960Bottoms Up
Friday, 25th March 1960 - Friday, 22nd April 1960School for Scoundrels
Friday, 29th April 1960 - Friday, 6th May 1960Hell is a City
Friday, 13th May 1960 - Friday, 27th May 1960Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond
Friday, 3rd June 1960 - Friday, 10th June 1960Sergeant Rutledge
Friday, 24th June 1960 - Wednesday, 20th July 1960House of Wax
Thursday, 21st July 1960 - Friday, 29th July 1960Ice Palace
Thursday, 4th August 1960 - Friday, 19th August 1960Nun's Story
Friday, 26th August 1960 - Friday, 30th September 1960Ocean's Eleven
Friday, 7th October 1960 - Friday, 21st October 1960Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Friday, 28th October 1960 - Friday, 11th November 1960Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Friday, 18th November 1960 - Friday, 16th December 1960Butterfield 8
Friday, 23rd December 1960 - Friday, 30th December 1960Miracle
Friday, 5th January 1962Young Ones
Monday, 15th January 1962 - Wednesday, 31st January 1962Splendor in the Grass
Thursday, 20th September 1962Belle Américaine
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Tuesday, 24th December 1963Servant
Thursday, 26th December 1963 - Monday, 27th January 19644 for Texas
Monday, 2nd March 1964Nothing But the Best
Thursday, 26th March 1964 - Tuesday, 7th April 1964Distant Trumpet
Saturday, 19th September 1964 - Sunday, 20th September 1964Rattle of a Simple Man
Saturday, 3rd October 1964Cheyenne Autumn
Saturday, 11th September 1965 - Thursday, 16th September 1965My Fair Lady
Thursday, 16th November 1967Camelot
Thursday, 2nd January 1969 - Friday, 3rd January 1969Bullitt
Wednesday, 21st May 1969I Love You, Alice B. Toklas
Thursday, 22nd May 1969 - Wednesday, 4th June 1969Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Monday, 26th May 1969 - Wednesday, 4th June 1969Bastard
Thursday, 5th June 1969 - Saturday, 7th June 1969Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Thursday, 19th June 1969 - Thursday, 3rd July 1969Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man
Wednesday, 23rd July 1969Mayerling
Saturday, 27th September 1969 - Thursday, 30th October 1969Wild Bunch
Friday, 27th November 1970Flap
Friday, 27th November 1970 - Wednesday, 16th December 1970Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
Saturday, 12th December 1970 - Sunday, 3rd January 1971Camelot
Saturday, 19th December 1970 - Wednesday, 13th January 1971Start the Revolution Without Me
Monday, 4th January 1971 - Saturday, 6th March 1971Performance
Thursday, 14th January 1971 - Wednesday, 27th January 1971Say Hello to Yesterday
Thursday, 28th January 1971 - Friday, 26th February 1971Ballad of Cable Hogue
Tuesday, 2nd March 1971 - Friday, 2nd July 1971Death in Venice
Wednesday, 17th March 1971 - Wednesday, 31st March 1971Priest's Wife
Thursday, 8th April 1971 - Monday, 12th April 1971Zeppelin
Thursday, 13th May 1971Which Way to the Front?
Saturday, 29th May 1971Jealousy, Italian Style
Friday, 2nd July 1971 - Monday, 13th September 1971Summer of '42
Wednesday, 29th December 1971Gumshoe
Thursday, 23rd March 1972 - Monday, 31st July 1972Clockwork Orange
Monday, 14th May 1973 - Friday, 18th May 1973O Lucky Man
Monday, 14th May 1973 - Friday, 18th May 1973Thief Who Came to Dinner
Thursday, 8th November 1973Mackintosh Man
Monday, 11th March 1974From Beyond the Grave
Thursday, 30th May 1974 - Thursday, 3rd October 1974Exorcist
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Tuesday, 23rd September 1975Drowning Pool
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Tuesday, 23rd September 1975Towering Inferno
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Tuesday, 23rd September 1975Jock Petersen
Saturday, 20th November 1976Song Remains the Same
Saturday, 20th November 1976All the President's Men
Saturday, 20th November 1976Barry Lyndon
Saturday, 20th November 1976Schizo
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Wild Geese
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Girlfriends
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Superman
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Death on the Nile
Thursday, 2nd July 1981 - Wednesday, 21st October 1981Excalibur
Monday, 3rd December 2001Heist