Monday, 10th February 1913 - 02/??/1991

High Street

Monday, 10th February 1913Count of Monte Cristo
Thursday, 4th December 1975Towering Inferno
Friday, 7th November 1980Chariots of Fire
Friday, 14th November 1980Caligula
Saturday, 9th January 1982War of the Worlds
Saturday, 9th January 1982Sentinel
Saturday, 1st May 1982Fort Apache, The Bronx
Saturday, 29th May 1982Death Wish II
Saturday, 19th June 1982Sharky's Machine
Wednesday, 10th November 1982Thing
Saturday, 21st May 1983Mad Max
Saturday, 21st May 1983Mad Max 2
Saturday, 11th June 1983Airplane II: The Sequel
Thursday, 16th June 1983First Blood
Saturday, 25th June 1983Dark Crystal