Varsity Theatre

Varsity Theatre (7/30/65-9/29/91)
I.C. Flicks (3/20/92-4/97)
Varsity Cinema (9/5/98-11/11/99)

Friday, 30th July 1965 - Thursday, 11th November 1999

1833 W. Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, 30th July 1965Varsity TheatreHarlow
Saturday, 1st January 1966Varsity TheatreNanny
Sunday, 11th June 1967 - Thursday, 15th June 1967Varsity TheatreHurry Sundown
Friday, 16th June 1967Varsity TheatreEight on the Lam
Thursday, 18th April 1968 - Wednesday, 8th May 1968Varsity TheatreFox
Thursday, 9th May 1968 - Wednesday, 15th May 1968Varsity TheatreNo Way to Treat a Lady
Thursday, 16th May 1968 - Wednesday, 22nd May 1968Varsity TheatreUlysses
Thursday, 23rd May 1968Varsity TheatreFar From the Madding Crowd
Sunday, 29th September 1968Varsity TheatreInterlude
Wednesday, 23rd April 1969Varsity TheatreOdd Couple
Wednesday, 23rd April 1969Varsity TheatreRosemary's Baby
Thursday, 12th March 1970 - Friday, 13th March 1970Varsity TheatreTell Them Willie Boy is Here
Sunday, 5th April 1970Varsity TheatreLawyer
Monday, 13th July 1970Varsity TheatreTwo Mules for Sister Sara
Monday, 13th July 1970Varsity TheatreChisum
Monday, 14th December 1970 - Thursday, 17th December 1970Varsity TheatreDream of Kings
Friday, 18th December 1970 - Saturday, 26th December 1970Varsity TheatreScrooge
Friday, 1st January 1971Varsity TheatreDiary of a Mad Housewife
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Tuesday, 26th January 1971Varsity TheatreTropic of Cancer
Tuesday, 26th January 1971Varsity TheatreFemale Animal
Wednesday, 27th January 1971 - Tuesday, 2nd February 1971Varsity TheatreThunderball
Wednesday, 27th January 1971 - Tuesday, 2nd February 1971Varsity TheatreYou Only Live Twice
Wednesday, 3rd February 1971 - Tuesday, 2nd March 1971Varsity TheatreOwl and the Pussycat
Tuesday, 16th February 1971Varsity TheatreFanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
Wednesday, 3rd March 1971 - Tuesday, 9th March 1971Varsity TheatreThreesome
Wednesday, 10th March 1971 - Friday, 12th March 1971Varsity TheatreTristana
Saturday, 13th March 1971 - Tuesday, 16th March 1971Varsity TheatreFor Love of Ivy
Saturday, 13th March 1971 - Tuesday, 16th March 1971Varsity TheatreFight of the Century
Wednesday, 17th March 1971 - Tuesday, 23rd March 1971Varsity TheatreWilliam Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Wednesday, 24th March 1971 - Tuesday, 30th March 1971Varsity TheatreAlex in Wonderland
Wednesday, 31st March 1971 - Tuesday, 6th April 1971Varsity TheatrePuzzle of a Downfall Child
Wednesday, 7th April 1971 - Tuesday, 13th April 1971Varsity TheatrePretty Maids All in a Row
Wednesday, 14th April 1971 - Tuesday, 20th April 1971Varsity TheatreLittle Murders
Wednesday, 21st April 1971 - Tuesday, 27th April 1971Varsity TheatreWuthering Heights
Wednesday, 28th April 1971 - Tuesday, 4th May 1971Varsity TheatreThey Might be Giants
Saturday, 1st May 1971Varsity TheatreRun Wild, Run Free
Wednesday, 5th May 1971 - Tuesday, 11th May 1971Varsity TheatreEasy Rider
Wednesday, 5th May 1971 - Saturday, 8th May 1971Varsity TheatreJud
Wednesday, 12th May 1971 - Saturday, 15th May 1971Varsity TheatrePursuit of Happiness
Saturday, 15th May 1971Varsity TheatreFive Weeks in a Balloon
Sunday, 16th May 1971 - Tuesday, 18th May 1971Varsity TheatreStart the Revolution Without Me
Wednesday, 19th May 1971 - Tuesday, 25th May 1971Varsity TheatreMan Called Horse
Wednesday, 19th May 1971 - Tuesday, 25th May 1971Varsity TheatreReivers
Wednesday, 26th May 1971 - Tuesday, 15th June 1971Varsity TheatreVanishing Point
Wednesday, 16th June 1971 - Tuesday, 22nd June 1971Varsity TheatreMan Called Sledge
Wednesday, 23rd June 1971 - Tuesday, 6th July 1971Varsity TheatreEscape From the Planet of the Apes
Wednesday, 7th July 1971 - Tuesday, 13th July 1971Varsity TheatreShoot Out
Wednesday, 14th July 1971 - Tuesday, 27th July 1971Varsity TheatreLe Mans
Wednesday, 28th July 1971 - Tuesday, 28th September 1971Varsity TheatreBilly Jack
Sunday, 3rd October 1971 - Tuesday, 12th October 1971Varsity TheatreSummer of '42
Wednesday, 20th October 1971 - Saturday, 23rd October 1971Varsity TheatreSeven Minutes
Saturday, 1st January 1972 - Thursday, 6th January 1972Varsity TheatreNever Give an Inch
Saturday, 1st January 1972 - Sunday, 2nd January 1972Varsity TheatreSon of Lassie
Monday, 3rd January 1972 - Friday, 7th January 1972Varsity TheatreSometimes a Great Notion
Wednesday, 16th February 1972 - Thursday, 17th February 1972Varsity TheatreRun Before the Wind
Saturday, 18th March 1972Varsity TheatreHarold and Maude
Saturday, 18th March 1972 - Sunday, 19th March 1972Varsity TheatreHansel and Gretel
Sunday, 19th March 1972Varsity TheatreMarnie
Saturday, 25th March 1972 - Thursday, 6th April 1972Varsity TheatreFrogs
Saturday, 25th March 1972 - Sunday, 26th March 1972Varsity TheatreRumpelstilzchen
Friday, 7th April 1972 - Thursday, 13th April 1972Varsity TheatreSuch Good Friends
Saturday, 8th April 1972Varsity TheatreAlfie
Friday, 14th April 1972 - Saturday, 15th April 1972Varsity TheatreRosemary's Baby
Friday, 14th April 1972 - Tuesday, 18th April 1972Varsity TheatreModern Times
Wednesday, 19th April 1972 - Thursday, 27th April 1972Varsity TheatreDevils
Saturday, 22nd April 1972Varsity TheatreBarbarella
Saturday, 22nd April 1972 - Sunday, 23rd April 1972Varsity TheatreWilly McBean and his Magic Machine
Friday, 28th April 1972 - Thursday, 4th May 1972Varsity TheatreSwedish Fly Girls
Saturday, 29th April 1972Varsity TheatreSterile Cuckoo
Friday, 5th May 1972 - Thursday, 11th May 1972Varsity TheatreHarold and Maude
Saturday, 6th May 1972Varsity TheatreThree into Two Won't Go
Saturday, 6th May 1972 - Sunday, 7th May 1972Varsity TheatreWar of the Gargantuas
Friday, 12th May 1972 - Thursday, 18th May 1972Varsity TheatreGarden of the Finzi-Continis
Saturday, 13th May 1972 - Thursday, 18th May 1972Varsity TheatreImitation of Life
Friday, 19th May 1972 - Thursday, 1st June 1972Varsity TheatreFritz the Cat
Sunday, 4th June 1972 - Monday, 5th June 1972Varsity TheatreTouch
Tuesday, 6th June 1972 - Thursday, 8th June 1972Varsity TheatreOh! Calcutta!
Friday, 9th June 1972Varsity TheatreMark of the Devil
Monday, 12th June 1972 - Thursday, 22nd June 1972Varsity TheatreCulpepper Cattle Company
Friday, 23rd June 1972 - Thursday, 29th June 1972Varsity TheatreStraw Dogs
Friday, 30th June 1972 - Thursday, 13th July 1972Varsity TheatreConquest of the Planet of the Apes
Friday, 14th July 1972Varsity TheatreDagmar's Hot Pants, Inc.
Friday, 25th August 1972Varsity TheatreMagnificent Seven Ride!
Monday, 11th September 1972Varsity TheatreI Want What I Want
Wednesday, 20th September 1972Varsity TheatreFillmore
Saturday, 30th September 1972Varsity TheatreTrojan Women
Sunday, 10th December 1972Varsity TheatreTime Machine
Sunday, 10th December 1972Varsity TheatreHickey and Boggs
Thursday, 8th February 1973 - Thursday, 8th March 1973Varsity TheatreSounder
Thursday, 8th February 1973 - Monday, 12th February 1973Varsity TheatreLady Sings the Blues
Saturday, 10th March 1973 - Sunday, 11th March 1973Varsity TheatreCourage of Lassie
Wednesday, 28th March 1973Varsity TheatreCheerleaders
Thursday, 26th April 1973Varsity TheatreLast House On The Left
Friday, 27th April 1973 - Monday, 7th May 1973Varsity TheatreMack
Saturday, 19th May 1973Varsity TheatreLife and Times of Judge Roy Bean
Saturday, 19th May 1973Varsity TheatreCheerleaders
Saturday, 16th June 1973Varsity TheatreLast American Hero
Tuesday, 25th December 1973 - Thursday, 31st January 1974Varsity TheatreSting
Tuesday, 2nd April 1974Varsity TheatrePaper Chase
Friday, 20th June 1975 - Saturday, 21st June 1975Varsity TheatreWhatever Happened to Miss September?
Friday, 20th June 1975 - Wednesday, 25th June 1975Varsity TheatreRace With the Devil
Friday, 27th June 1975 - Friday, 4th July 1975Varsity TheatreTommy
Tuesday, 13th April 1976Varsity TheatreAll the President's Men
Saturday, 11th September 1976Varsity TheatreSailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
Saturday, 11th September 1976Varsity TheatreBingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings
Saturday, 20th November 1976Varsity TheatreRitz
Saturday, 20th November 1976Varsity TheatreFront
Tuesday, 12th April 1977 - Wednesday, 20th April 1977Varsity 1Audrey Rose
Tuesday, 12th April 1977Varsity 1Young Frankenstein
Friday, 15th April 1977Varsity 2Penthouse Playgirls
Friday, 15th April 1977Varsity 2Slap Shot
Wednesday, 18th May 1977Varsity TheatreVanessa
Wednesday, 18th May 1977Varsity TheatreSlap Shot
Friday, 20th May 1977Varsity TheatreGreatest
Friday, 8th July 1977Varsity TheatreLove Me... Please!
Friday, 8th July 1977 - Thursday, 14th July 1977Varsity TheatreExorcist II: The Heretic
Friday, 8th July 1977 - Friday, 15th July 1977Varsity TheatreFinal Chapter--Walking Tall
Friday, 15th July 1977Varsity TheatreStar Is Born
Friday, 22nd July 1977Varsity TheatreInside Ursula
Friday, 22nd July 1977Varsity TheatreTentacles
Friday, 29th July 1977Varsity TheatreSpirit of Seventy Sex
Monday, 31st October 1977Varsity TheatrePiece of the Action
Monday, 31st October 1977Varsity TheatreCarrie
Monday, 28th November 1977Varsity TheatreAnother Man, Another Chance
Monday, 28th November 1977Varsity TheatreKentucky Fried Movie
Friday, 16th June 1978 - Wednesday, 20th September 1978Varsity TheatreGrease
Monday, 3rd July 1978 - Tuesday, 4th July 1978Varsity TheatreHeaven Can Wait
Tuesday, 31st October 1978Varsity TheatreInteriors
Tuesday, 31st October 1978Varsity TheatreWedding
Tuesday, 31st October 1978Varsity TheatreAntichrist
Friday, 15th December 1978Varsity TheatreFairy Tales
Friday, 15th December 1978Varsity TheatreSaturday Night Fever
Friday, 15th December 1978 - Wednesday, 20th December 1978Varsity TheatreHalloween
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Varsity TheatreMagic
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Varsity TheatreSaturday Night Fever
Friday, 9th November 1979Varsity TheatreWicker Man
Friday, 29th February 1980Varsity TheatreAmerican Gigolo
Friday, 29th February 1980Varsity TheatreSaturn 3
Friday, 29th February 1980Varsity TheatreCruising
Friday, 24th April 1981Varsity TheatreBlazing Saddles
Friday, 24th April 1981Varsity TheatreLa Cage aux Folles 2
Friday, 24th April 1981Varsity TheatreBurning
Friday, 24th April 1981Varsity TheatreNighthawks
Saturday, 1st January 1983 - Thursday, 6th January 1983Varsity TheatreClass of 1984
Saturday, 1st January 1983 - Thursday, 6th January 1983Varsity TheatreAmityville Horror II: The Possession
Saturday, 1st January 1983 - Friday, 14th January 1983Varsity TheatreStill of the Night
Tuesday, 11th January 1983Varsity TheatreLast American Virgin
Tuesday, 11th January 1983Varsity TheatreMonsignor
Friday, 14th January 1983Varsity TheatreFirst Blood
Friday, 14th January 1983Varsity TheatreApocalypse Now
Saturday, 6th May 1989 - Sunday, 14th May 1989Varsity TheatreMississippi Burning
Saturday, 6th May 1989Varsity TheatreBeaches
Saturday, 6th May 1989 - Sunday, 14th May 1989Varsity TheatreThree Fugitives
Sunday, 14th May 1989Varsity TheatreAccidental Tourist
Friday, 7th September 1990Varsity TheatreJungle Book
Friday, 7th September 1990Varsity TheatreGhost Dad
Friday, 7th September 1990Varsity TheatreGremlins 2
The New Batch
Friday, 7th September 1990Varsity TheatreTotal Recall
Friday, 7th September 1990Varsity TheatreFreshman
Friday, 20th March 1992Varsity TheatreShining Through
Friday, 20th March 1992Varsity TheatreRambling Rose
Friday, 20th March 1992Varsity TheatreHook
Friday, 30th September 1994Varsity TheatreJurassic Park
Friday, 30th September 1994Varsity TheatreSpeed
Friday, 30th September 1994Varsity TheatreHudsucker Proxy
Friday, 30th September 1994Varsity TheatreSirens
Tuesday, 9th November 1999Varsity TheatreRunaway Bride
Tuesday, 9th November 1999Varsity TheatreAmerican Pie
Tuesday, 9th November 1999Varsity TheatreLake Placid