Journey to the Far Side of the Sun



Robert Parrish
Universal Pictures

Tale of a space mission to explore a new planet discovered in Earth's orbit around the Sun, only on the exact opposite side.

Interesting film of a standard sci-fi trope, probably the most successful of them. Definitely the Andersons' attempt to move out of the children's market and into more adult fare. This culminated in TV series like UFO and Space:1999, the former of which shared many of the same cast and sets as this film. Quite a bleak ending, especially given this was released the same year man landed on the Moon, but quite memorable. Certainly it sticks with one more than the psychobabble of 2001. At least I think so; maybe the ending here was just an excuse to blow stuff up.

Certainly there were reshoots and deleted subplots that make it seem like an incomplete film; Derosa is prominently credited, but his character is only briefly introduced and then disappears. The same could be said about Sheybal's near-cameo as the psychiatrist.

Note: Casting sheets call Mikell's character Dr. Brisson, while BFI lists him as M. Clavel. Either way, it's not mentioned on screen.

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18 October 2013: updated screencaps
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-Dave W.

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11th November 1969


Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun
17th October 2000


24th June 2008

102 mins

Roy Thinnes
Colonel Glenn Ross
Ian Hendry
Dr. John Kane
Patrick Wymark
Jason Webb
Lynn Loring
Sharon Ross
Loni Von Friedl
Lise Hartmann
Franco De Rosa
Paulo Landi
(as Franco Derosa)
George Sewell
Mark Neuman
Ed Bishop
David Poulson
Philip Madoc
Dr. Pontini
Vladek Sheybal
Dr. Beauville, the Psychiatrist
George Mikell
Dr. Brisson
[see note]
Herbert Lom
Doctor Hassler
Edward Cast
Security Sergeant
Raymond Barry
Vault Security
Norma Ronald
Pam Kirby, Webb's Secretary
John Stone
London EuroSEC Representative
Arnold Diamond
Paris EuroSEC Representative
Laurence Herder
Bonn EuroSEC Representative
Bill Meilen
Rome EuroSEC Representative
Peter Jesson
The Hague EuroSEC Representative
Colin Vancao
Brussels EuroSEC Representative
Mike Lucas
Unknown 10020-04
Party Waiter
Unknown 10020-07
Party Guest
Victor Harrington
Party Guest
Joseph Tregonino
Party Waiter
Cyril Kent
Party Waiter
Unknown 10020-06
Basil Moss
Technician (uncredited)
Unknown 10020-08
Keith Alexander
Launch Controller
Peter Van Dissel
Mission Control Technician
Jeremy Wilkin
Mission Control Technician
Maurice Connor
Suit Technician
Maxwell Craig
Suit Technician (uncredited)
Unknown 10020-14
Tram Driver
Royston Farrell
Gantry Technician
Unknown 10020-16
Gantry Technician
Peter Burton
Medical 1
Nicholas Courtney
Medical 2
Anthony Chinn
Air-Sea Rescue, Ulaanbaatar
Cy Grant
Dr. Gordon
Jon Kelley
Medtech at Ross' House
Michael Wolf
Medtech at Ross' House
Unknown 10020-19
Medtech with Gurney
Alan Haywood
Doppelganger Crew Chief
Unknown 10020-21
Mission Control Technician
Martin King
Security (uncredited)
Annette Kerr
Webb's Nurse
James Donnelly
Constantine Gregory
Mission Control Technician
Michael Mundell

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