Babes In Toyland

March Of The Wooden Soldiers


Gus Meins

Laurel & Hardy's 5th full-length movie was the only one to come with a parental guidance warning, due to the 'scary' Bogeymen scenes. They are Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee, living in a big shoe in a thriving Toyland and working at the factory on a consignment for Santa Claus. The problem is they misinterpret the order: instead of making 600 one-foot tall soldiers, they make 100 six-foot soldiers instead.
If you find all the musical numbers a bit off-putting, stick with it because this movie has some genuinely brilliant scenes of sheer comedy. A good example is the scene where they come out of their home and Ollie says "It's a certainty anything you can do I can do", to which Stan replies with a couple of examples of his strange mannerisms from previous movies! Classic stuff!

14th December 1934

Stan Laurel
Stannie Dum
Oliver Hardy
Ollie Dee
Charlotte Henry
Little Bo-Peep
Felix Knight
Tom-Tom Piper
Henry Brandon
Silas Barnaby
Florence Roberts
Mother Widow Peep
Virginia Karns
Mother Goose
Marie Wilson
Mary Quite Contrary
William Burress
The Toy Maker
Alice Dahl
Little Miss Muffett
Jean Darling
Curly Locks
Sumner Getchell
Little Jack Horner
Kewpie Morgan
Old King Cole
Ferdinand Munier
Santa Claus
Tiny Sandford

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