Back To The Future Part II


Robert Zemeckis
Universal Pictures

Doc and Marty have to travel to the future (i.e. our present) in order to keep Marty's kids from wrecking their lives. Complications ensue. . .

The lesser film of the trilogy, but given how good the other two are, this is not a bad thing. The alternate 1985 is harrowing, an apocalyptic riff on George Bailey's vision of a world without him in It's A Wonderful Life. The film's depiction of 2015 is a bit quaint now that it actually is 2015, but it has to be said the film depicts a more hopeful and pleasant future than the terrorism, Trump and Tumblr-ridden mess we ended up with. Still no damn hoverboards, either! Kudos to all the actors playing multiple roles, but especially Thomas F. Wilson, who steals the film from the leads.

-Dave W.

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22nd November 1989

108 mins

Michael J. Fox
Marty McFly
Michael J. Fox
Marty McFly, Jr.
Michael J. Fox
Marlene McFly
Michael J. Fox
Marty McFly (2015)
Christopher Lloyd
Dr. Emmett L. Brown
Christopher Lloyd
Dr. Emmett L. Brown
Lea Thompson
Lorraine Baines McFly (2015)
Lea Thompson
Lorraine Baines McFly Tannen (1985A)
Thomas F. Wilson
Biff Tannen (1985)
Thomas F. Wilson
Biff Tannen (2015)
Thomas F. Wilson
Griff Tannen
Thomas F. Wilson
Biff Tannen (1985A)
Thomas F. Wilson
Biff Tannen (1955)
Thomas F. Wilson
Gertrude Tannen (voice)
James Tolkan
S.S. Strickland (1985A)
James Tolkan
S.S. Strickland (1955)
Jeffrey Weissman
George McFly (1985)
Jeffrey Weissman
George McFly (2015)
Casey Siemaszko
3-D (1985A)
Casey Siemaszko
3-D (1955)
Billy Zane
Match (1985A)
Billy Zane
Match (1955)
J.J. Cohen
Skinhead (1985A)
J.J. Cohen
Skinhead (1955)
Harry Waters Jr.
Marvin Berry
Charles Fleischer
Terry (2015)
Charles Fleischer
Terry (1955)
Joe Flaherty
Western Union Man
Douglas J. Needles
Elisabeth Shue
Jennifer Parker
Elisabeth Shue
Jennifer Parker McFly (2015)
E. Casanova Evans
Michael Jackson Video Waiter
Jay Koch
Ronald Reagan Video Waiter
Charles Gherardi
Ayatollah Khomeini Video Waiter
Ricky Dean Logan
(Rafe Unger)
Darlene Vogel
(Leslie O'Malley)
Jason Scott Lee
(Chester Noguera)
Elijah Wood
Video Game Boy (Mickey)
John Thornton
Video Game Boy
Theo Schwartz
Hoverboard Girl
Lindsey Whitney Barry
Hoverboard Girl
(as Lindsey Barry)
Judy Ovitz
Antique Store Saleswoman
Stephanie E. Williams
Officer Foley
Marty Levy
Cab Driver [Fred]
Jim Ishida
Ito T. Fujitsu
Nikki Birdsong
Al White
Dad [Lewis]
Junior Fann
Mom [Louise]
Shaun Hunter
Son [Harold]
George 'Buck' Flower
Red the Bum
(as Buck Flower)
Neil Ross
Museum Narrator
Tamara Carrera
Jacuzzi Girl
Tracy Dali
Jacuzzi Girl
(as Tracy D'Aldia)
Jennifer Brown
Baseball Kid
Irina Cashen
Baseball Kid
Angela Greenblatt
Baseball Kid
Cameron Moore
Baseball Kid
Justin Mosley Spink
Baseball Kid
Lisa Freeman
John Erwin
Voice: Radio Sportscaster
David Harold Brown
Tommy Thomas
Lloyd L. Tolbert
Granville "Danny" Young
Wesley Mann
CPR Kid [Lester]
Kevin Holloway
Marty Photo Double
Charles F. FitzSimons
Biff Photo Double
Crispin Glover
George McFly in footage from
Back to the Future
Donald Fullilove
Goldie Wilson III
Mary Ellen Trainor
Officer Reese
Clint Eastwood
Joe in A Fistful of Dollars
Gian Maria Volontè
Ramon Rojo in A Fistful of Dollars
Venetia Stevenson
Model on Cover of Oh Là Là
Charles L. Campbell
Voice: KHHV Broadcaster
Walter Scott
Stunt Coordinator
Charles Croughwell
Pat Romano
Stunts (as Patrick Romano)
Tony Brubaker
Stunts (as Anthony Brubaker)
David Rowden
Stunts (as David Scott Rowden)
Will Cascio
John-Clay Scott
Stutns (as John Clay Scott)
Greg Wayne Elam
Tolbert, R. L.
Richie Gaona
Stunts (as Richard Gaona)
Mike Watson
Karen Laine
Cheryl Wheeler
Stunts (as Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon)
Gary Morgan

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