The Man Without a Body


W. Lee Wilder
Filmplays Ltd.

Wealthy and obnoxious Coulouris develops a brain tumor and consults a doctor who's practicing brain transplants on monkeys. This, after a visit to Madame Tussaud's, naturally gives him the idea to steal the head of Nostradamus. Wouldn't you? The head has other ideas, as revived seers 400 years dead usually do.

Obscure and tatty film is not nearly as sleazy as the very similar The Brain That Wouldn't Die, but is still pretty plodding and sub-par. It does benefit from being completely potty, though, and the ending is memorable. Most of the cast is flat, but Coulouris well captures the desperation of a dying man, and Golden does the best he can, being stuck in a table and all. Watching W. Lee Wilder's (the brother of Billy) films only serves to remind one that talent is not based on genetics. That said, this is still probably his best sci-fi film.

Basically an American production filmed in England; Charles Saunders is co-credited as director, but it's apparent both from memories of those involved and on-screen evidence that Wilder was solely responsible for the mess.

-Dave W.


78 mins

Robert Hutton
Dr. Phil R. Merritt
George Coulouris
Karl Brussard
Julia Arnall
Jean Cramer
Nadja Regin
Odette Vernay
Sheldon Lawrence
Dr. Lew Waldenhouse
Michael Golden
Michel de Notre Dame, Nostradamus
Peter Copley
Mr. Leslie
Norman Shelley
Dr. Alexander
William Sherwood
Dr. Charot
Stanley Van Beers
Madame Tussaud's Guide
Tony Quinn
Dr. Brandon
Maurice Kaufmann
(as Maurice Kaufman)
Edwin Ellis
Donald Morley
Frank Forsyth
Detective Sergeant
Kim Parker
Suzanne the Maid
Ernest Bale
Customs Officer
Bill, Masseur (uncredited)
Ted Carroll
Graverobber (uncredited)
Policeman (uncredited)
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

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