Marco the Magnificent

La fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo


6th August 1965

14th December 1966

Horst Buchholz
Marco Polo
Grégoire Aslan
Achmed Abdullah
Robert Hossein
Prince Nayam, Mongol Rebel Leader
Elsa Martinelli
The Woman with the Whip
Akim Tamiroff
The Old Man of the Mountain
Omar Sharif
Emir Alaou
Anthony Quinn
Kublai Khan, Mongol Emperor of China
Orson Welles
Akerman, Marco's Tutor
Massimo Girotti
Nicolo Polo, Marco's Father
Folco Lulli
Spinello, Venetian Merchant
Guido Alberti
Pope Gregory X
Lynne Sue Moon
Princess Gogatine
Bruno Cremer
Guillaume de Tripoli, a Knight Templar
Maria Virginia Onorato
Alaou's Wife
Jacques Monod
Nicolo de Vicenza, a Knight Templar
Mica Orlovic
Matteo Polo, Marco's Uncle
Mansoureh Rihai
Dragomir Felba
Andrej Gardenin
Noël Howard
Cliff Lyons
Myriam Michelson
Chinese Princess
Ljubo Skiljevic
Lucille Soong
Princess Bride
Aleksandar Stojkovic
Janez Vrhovec