Miss Robin Hood


John Guillermin
Associated British Pathe
Group 3
Production Company

Additional screencaps courtesy Gerald Lovell.

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9th December 1952

72 mins

8th June 1953

72 mins

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Margaret Rutherford
Miss Heather Honey
Richard Hearne
Henry Wrigley
Edward Lexy
Inspector Wilson of 'O' Division
Fanny Rowe
Marion Wrigley
(as Frances Rowe)
Michael Medwin
Eunice Gayson
Pam Wrigley
Sid James
(as Sidney James)
Dora Bryan
Eric Berry
Lord Otterbourne
Russell Waters
Peter Jones
Cyril Lidstone
Reg Varney
Susanne Gibbs
Sue Wrigley
Francis De Wolff
P.C. Andrews
James Robertson Justice
The MacAlister
Patricia Fryer
Schoolgirl in Wrigley's Dream
Laurel Dudley
Schoolgirl in Wrigley's Dream
Jan Miller
Miss Hood in Wrigley's Dream
Unknown 12722-01
Watchman in Wrigley's Dream
(Charles Farrell?)
Iris Russell
Wrigley's Assistant
Unknown 12722-02
Magazine Staffer
Cecil Paul
Magazine Staffer
Sebastian Cabot
Wainwright, Magazine Staffer
Unknown 12722-03
Magazine Staffer
Molly Weir
Catty Scotswoman Magazine Staffer
Unknown 12722-17
Magazine Staffer with Fancy Hat
Kenneth Connor
Magazine Staffer
Unknown 12722-04
Rude Little Girl (Phoebe)
Unknown 12722-05
Rude Little Girl's Mother
David Davies
Commissionaire Sergeant
Stringer Davis
Magazine Board Member
Ned Lynch
Man in Lobby
Jim Tyson
Rotund Man in Bowler
Ian Wilson
Creepy Little Man
Unknown 12722-06
Policeman Hiding in Bushes
(Charles Saynor?)
Unknown 12722-07
Lord Otterbourne's Secretary
Unknown 12722-08
Policeman Blowing Whistle
Humphrey Lestocq
Drunk Driver
Stuart Latham
Good Samaritan
Michael Beint
Good Samaritan
Charles Hammond
Passerby Greeting 'Mr. Barnes'
Arthur Rigby
Detective Broom
Arthur Mullard
Police Constable in MacAlister's Office
John Adams
Police Constable in MacAlister's Office
Unknown 12722-09
Police Constable
Unknown 12722-10
Kit Terrington
Boy with Blowpipe
Charles Farrell
Policeman with Cat
Ian Carmichael
Assistant of The Youth Gazette
Unknown 12722-11
Snack Bar Manager
Christopher Beeny
Theresa Davies
Unknown 12722-12
Police Constable
Unknown 12722-13
(Ronnie Brody?)
Tony Castleton
Amorous Boy on Bench
Janice Field
Mary Lou, Schoolgirl Buying The Teenager
Tony Mendleson
Furtive Man Buying The Teenager
Jacqueline Cox
Jacqueline, Schoolgirl
Unknown 12722-14
Upset Schoolgirl
('She's become a filthy swot')
Unknown 12722-15
Upset Schoolgirl
('I want my tenner back')
Linda Gray
Andy Alston
Unknown 12722-18
Workman Reading The Teenager
Jack Mandeville
Magazine Staffer in Stairwell
Christopher Warbey
Lesley Dudley
Patty, Little Girl Setting The Teenager Afire
Unknown 12722-16
Upset Schoolgirl
('Down with Dali')
Ivan Doel-Davis
Young Boy
Patricia Holland
Young Girl
Janet Lee
Young Girl
Brenda Martin
Young Girl
Patricia Parsons
Young Girl
Reginald Dyson
Undetermined Role
Orrena Elder
Undetermiend Role
Thomas Gallagher
Undetermined Role
Rita Matthews
Undetermined Role
Valerie McCandless
Undetermined Role
Robert Moore
Undetermined Role
Susan Pardoe
Undetermined Role

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