The Abominable Dr. Phibes


Robert Fuest
American International Pictures

Price returns from the dead to avenge himself on the medical staff who he blames for his wife’s death.

Hugely entertaining comic horror, as Phibes venges himself on the medical types he believes killed his beloved. I would imagine the kids can watch this one nowadays. Vincent Price's finest hour and a 1/2. See Theatre of Blood too!

-The Sloth

A vastly overrated film, notable mainly for its fine art direction and music, as well as Peter Jeffrey’s excellent performance. Sometimes called a comedy, which it isn’t, especially when you consider the victims are all innocent, which makes the whole thing unpleasant. Some call this Price’s finest performance, which is not true, considering he appears on screen only briefly and his lines are all voice-overs. Above all, there’s a fatal whiff of pretension hanging over it all, which gets pretty rank after a while. Watch Theatre of Blood, a similar but vastly superior film. Much more fun to watch movie critics get offed, and Price actually gets to perform in that one. Followed by an awful sequel, Dr. Phibes Rises Again.

The Saw series “borrows” many plot elements from this film.

-Dave W.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes
18th May 1971

94 mins

The Abominable Dr. Phibes
20th February 2001


The Abominable Dr. Phibes
20th October 2003

90 mins

22nd September 2020

Vincent Price
Dr. Anton Phibes
Joseph Cotten
Dr. Vesalius
Hugh Griffith
The Rabbi
Dr. Longstreet
Peter Jeffrey
Detective Inspector Trout
Derek Godfrey
Norman Jones
Sgt. Tom Schenley
John Cater
Superintendent Waverley
Aubrey Woods
John Laurie
Maurice Kaufmann
Dr. Whitcombe
Barbara Keogh
Mrs. Frawley
Sean Bury
Lem Vesalius
Charles Farrell
Benson, Dr. Hedgepath's Chauffeur
Susan Travers
Nurse Allan
David Hutcheson
Dr. Hedgepath
Edward Burnham
Dr. Dunwoody
Alex Scott
Dr. Hargreaves
Peter Gilmore
Dr. Kitaj
Virginia North
Alan Zipson
1st Police Official
Dallas Adams
2nd Police Official
James Grout
Alister Williamson
1st Policeman
Thomas Heathcote
2nd Policeman
Ian Marter
3rd Policeman
Julian Grant
4th Policeman
John Franklyn
Graveyard Attendant
Walter Horsbrugh
Dunwoody's Butler
Lewis Hooper
Constable with Sack of Bats
Guy Standeven
Detective Morgan
George Hilsdon
Police Photographer
Caroline Munro
Victoria Regina Phibes
Harry, Airplane Mechanic
John Tatum
Club Receptionist
Club Valet
Juba Kennerley
Club Member Requesting Quiet
Harold Coyne
Detective at Hospital
Detective at Hospital
Ron Gregory
Policeman Guarding Nurse Allan's Door
Paul Frees
Voice: Singer of 'The Darktown Strutters' Ball' (voice)
Joanna Lumley
Laboratory Assistant
(scenes deleted)
de Havilland Hornet Moth
Dr. Kitaj's Airplane

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