The Murder Man


Tim Whelan

Excellent newspaper/crime drama, with Tracy an alcoholic reporter covering the case of a crooked investment banker murdered by his equally crooked partner. Or so it seems. . .

Seemingly forgotten gem of a movie, marred only by a slighlty overwrought finale and overly cheery ending. The whole cast is good, but Tracy is superb. Worth rewatching once you know the ending, to further appreciate the sardonicism in the script.

Note: Joe Irving and Ralph Bushman are listed in the credits, but their roles appear to have been deleted from the final version.

-Dave W.

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12th July 1935

69 mins

Spencer Tracy
Steve Grey
Virginia Bruce
Mary Shannon
Lionel Atwill
Captain Cole
Harvey Stephens
Henry Mander
Robert Barrat
Hal Robins
James Stewart
William Collier Sr.
"Pop" Grey
Bobby Watson
Carey Booth
William Demarest
"Red" Maguire
John Sheehan
Detective Maxie Sweeney
Lucien Littlefield
Peter J. Rafferty
George Chandler
Sol Hertzberger
Fuzzy Knight
"Buck" Hawkins
Louise Henry
Lillian Hopper
Robert Warwick
Colville, Mander's Attorney
Joe Irving
(scenes apparently deleted)
Ralph Bushman
(scenes apparently deleted)
Unknown 13114-01
Halford & Mander Cashier
Theodore von Eltz
James Spencer Halford
Reginald Pash
Ferry Crewman
Unknown 13114-01
News Vendor
Unknown 13114-01
Cop at Newstand
Unknown 13114-01
Halford's Chauffeur
Unknown 13114-01
Bratty Kid at Shooting Gallery
Charles Coleman
Regent Apartments Doorman
Unknown 13114-01
Unknown 13114-01
James P. Burtis
Police Homicide Sergeant
John Dilson
Meltzer, City Editor
Harry Tyler
"Doc" Warren
Lita Chevret
Clara - Robins' Secretary
Larry McGrath
Smitty - Policeman
Frank Sully
Joe Stacks, Pool Hall Owner
Unknown 13114-01
Wilbur Mack
Bartender Questioned by Shorty
James Flavin
Policeman in Park
Irving Bacon
Merry-Go-Round Operator
Unknown 13114-01
Very Angry Investor
Jack Cheatham
Angry Investor
Harry Depp
Short Angry Investor
Allan Cavan
Angry Investor
Bob Murphy
Harry, Policeman Holding Back Investors
Unknown 13114-01
Policeman Holding Back Investors
Larry Steers
Man in Mander's Outer Office
George Guhl
Miller - Policeman in Mander's Outer Office
Edward Keane
Joe - Editor
William Bailey
Welch - Police Detective
Jeanie Roberts
Charles Trowbridge
District Attorney
Al Bridge
Judge John C. Garfield
Unknown 13114-01
Court Clerk
Selmer Jackson
Lt. White - Police Ballistics Expert
Howard C. Hickman
Howard Jennings
Cyril Ring
Man at Defense Table
Matty Roubert
James Donlan
Milton Owen
Davison Clark
Warden Powell
Heinie Conklin
Warden's Secretary
Unknown 13114-01
Sing Sing Guard
Unknown 13114-01
Sing Sing Guard
Ben Taggart
Dave, Sing Sing Guard
Jack Daley
Desk Sergeant in Captain's Outer Office
Stanley Andrews
Police Commissioner
(scenes apparently deleted)
Ed Coppo
Police Ballistics Man
Charles Delaney
Robert Frazer
Tom McGuire
Frank O'Connor
James Pierce
Sing Sing Guard

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