Murders in the Zoo


A. Edward Sutherland
(as Edward Sutherland)

Animal collector Atwill is insanely protective of his beautiful wife, and will do anything to keep other men away from her, including murder. His arsenal incudes the very animals he collects.

A forgetten nasty gem of pre-code horror. As with so many zoo films, there is too much footage of cute animals, as well as a bit too much of Charlie Ruggles. These are minor quibbles, though - this is Atwill at the top of his evil game, and thus a most worthy watch.

-Dave W.

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31st March 1933

62 mins

Charles Ruggles
Peter Yates
(as Charlie Ruggles)
Harry Beresford
Professor G.A. Evans
Gail Patrick
Jerry Evans
Randolph Scott
Dr. John Woodford
Kathleen Burke
Evelyn Gorman
John Lodge
Roger Hewitt
Lionel Atwill
Eric Gorman
Edward Pawley
Bob Taylor
Florence Wix
Passenger in Deck Chair
Unknown 13188
Purdy - Zoo Guard
Unknown 13188
Messenger Boy
Unknown 13188
(Alexander Pollard?)
Unknown 13188
Duke York
Seaman in Hold
Bert Moorhouse
Apartment Desk Clerk
Unknown 13188
Hewitt's Houseboy
Syd Saylor
Banquet Photographer Who Almost Opens Cages
Lee Phelps
Banquet Photographer / Zoo Guard
Cyril Ring
Banquet Guest
Jane Darwell
Banquet Guest
Samuel S. Hinds
Banquet Guest
Phillips Smalley
Banquet Guest
Edward McWade
Dan Baker - Zoo Guard
Ethan Laidlaw
Patrolman Reardon
Edwin Stanley
Jerry Tucker
Little Boy at Zoo

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