Night Boat to Dublin


Lawrence Huntington
Associated British Picture Corp.

Exciting spy thriller with Robert Newton and Guy Middleton as British Intelligence agents on the trail of a group of criminals who commute between England and Ireland. Newton goes undercover to infiltrate the gang, finding some romance with Muriel Pavlow along the way. Raymond Lovell is quite good as the chief baddie, with Herbert Lom giving (as usual) an excellent performance in a somewhat abbreviated role.

-Scott Palmer

1st April 1946

100 mins

Robert Newton
Captain David Grant
Raymond Lovell
Paul Faber
Guy Middleton
Captain Tony Hunter
Muriel Pavlow
Marion Decker
Herbert Lom
John Ruddock
Martin Miller
Professor Hansen
Brenda Bruce
Lily Leggett
Gerald Case
Inspector Emerson
Scott Forbes
Lieutenant Allen
(as Julian Dallas)
Leslie Dwyer
George Leggett
Valentine Dyall
Sir George Bell
Derek Elphinstone
Naval Surgeon
Marius Goring
Frederick Jannings
George Hirste
Station Official
J. Hubert Leslie
Ticket Collector
Olga Lindo
Mrs. Coleman
Stuart Lindsell
Inspector Martin
Gordon McLeod
Inspector Longhurst
Joan Maude
Sidney Vane
Lawrence O'Madden
Captain Robert Wilson
Hay Petrie
Station Master
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Taxi Driver
Howard Douglas
Hotel Porter
Johnnie Schofield
Factory Watchman
John Stone
Young Newlywed

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