Night And The City


Jules Dassin
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Cheap hustler/spiv Widmark tries to make a name for himself by cornering the market on wrestling in London, but only ends up causing pain for everyone around him and himself.

Based rather loosely on Gerald Kersh's 1938 novel, this film is one of the best noirs and certainly the best wrestling film ever made. Bleak and subtle, it's the story of "artists without an art" who try to climb out of the lower depths, but are doomed to failure by circumstances. Finely directed by Dassin, who knows enough to throw some black humor in, and finely acted by all, especially Sullivan and Withers, who make their awful characters beleiveably human. The best performance, though, is by non-actor Zbysko. Everyone else gives a fine perfomance, but he's the one putting his soul on film.

Maligned and ignored by the blueblood prig critics of the day like Bosley Crowther (who remembers him now?), but since re-evaluated as one of the finest films of its type, and rightly so.

Note: The British version differs in both running time, scenes, and musical score, but has unfortunately never been made available on video. Thus some of the names listed on IMDb, etc., are nowhere to be seen in the US version that has become the default standard.

The 1992 remake is perhaps closer to the plot of the source novel, but is purely sub B-movie material and utterly dispensible.

-Dave W.

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1st April 1950

101 mins

9th June 1950

96 mins

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Richard Widmark
Harry Fabian
Gene Tierney
Mary Bristol
Googie Withers
Helen Nosseross
Hugh Marlowe
Adam Dunn
Francis L. Sullivan
Phil Nosseross
Herbert Lom
Stanislaus Zbyszko
(listed as Stanley Zbyszko in US credits)
Mike Mazurki
The Strangler
Charles Farrell
Mickey Beer
Ada Reeve
Molly the Flower Lady
Ken Richmond
Nikolas of Athens
(as Ken. Richmond)
Jules Dassin
Voice: Opening Narration
Unknown 13680-01
Maggie, Alley Vendor
Unknown 13680-02
Man in Alley
Unknown 13680-03
Man in Alley
Unknown 13680-04
Man in Alley
Unknown 13680-05
Woman in Alley
Jack Mandeville
Man in Alley
Unknown 13680-06
Man in Alley
Unknown 13680-07
Woman in Alley
Unknown 13680-08
Man in Alley
Unknown Male 58
Man in Alley
Unknown 13680-10
Welder's Assistant
Unknown 13680-11
Ernest Butcher
Bert, Street Musician
Unknown 13680-12
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-13
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-14
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-15
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-16
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-18
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-19
Silver Fox Hostess
Unknown 13680-20
Silver Fox Waiter
Unknown 13680-21
Silver Fox Waiter
Unknown 13680-22
Silver Fox Waiter
Paul Beradi
American Bar Patron
Unknown 13680-23
American Bar Doorman
Frank Pettitt
MacDonald Parke
American from Chicago
C. Denier Warren
American from Chicago
Eddy Reed
American from Chicago
Hamilton Keene
Charles, American Bar Bartender
Gerry Judge
American Bar Patron
Tony Mendleson
American Bar Patron
Rex Garner
Emil, American Bar MaƮtre d'
Lew Marco
Ray St. Bernard
Strangler's Opponent
John Rudling
Man at Wrestling Match
Daniel Brown
Ringside Trainer at Wrestling Match
John Sharp
Man at Wrestling Match
Freddie Watts
Man at Wrestling Match
Philip Ray
Man at Wrestling Match
Arthur Lovegrove
Kristo's Man Throwng Fabian Out of Arena
George Hilsdon
Man at Wrestling Match
Harold Sanderson
Man at Wrestling Match
Wallace Bosco
Man at Wrestling Match
Jim Morris
Man at Wrestling Match
Stanley Escane
Man at Wrestling Match
Unknown 13680-24
Wrestling Fan
Unknown 13680-27
Wrestling Fan
Unknown 13680-28
Wrestling Fan
Unknown Male 88
Wrestling Fan
Unknown 13680-25
Bum Outside Box Office
Johnnie Schofield
James Hayter
Leonard Sharp
"Legless" Beggar
Unknown 13680-29
(Bart Allison?)
Unknown 13680-30
Unknown 13680-31
Gibb McLaughlin
Googin the Forger
Maureen Delaney
Anna O'Leary
Unknown 13680-32
Black Marketeer
Unknown 13680-33
Bagrag's Barman
Thomas Gallagher
Unknown 13680-34
Indian in Bagrag's Bar
Aubrey Dexter
Fergus Chilk
Russell Westwood
Yosh, Kristo's Goon
Unknown 13680-35
Charlie, Fabian's Ticketman
Brian Weske
Messenger Boy
Unknown 13680-36
Policeman at County Hall
Edward Chapman
(scenes deleted)
Adelaide Hall
(scenes deleted)
Eliot Makeham
(scenes deleted)
Betty Marsden
Undetermined Role
(scenes deleted)
Betty Shale
Mrs. Pinkney
(scenes deleted)
Derek Blomfield
Young Policeman
Daniel Brown
Clifford Buckton
Peter Butterworth
Clifford Cobbe
Patricia Davidson
Night Club Hostess
Pat Hagan
Silver Fox Patron
George Hirste
Kay Kendall
One of Helen's Girls
J. Hubert Leslie
Walter Magnee
A Second
John Mann
Charles Paton
Chunky Pattison
Tony Sympson
Alan Tilvern

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