A Night To Remember


Roy Ward Baker
J. Arthur Rank Organisation

True story of the world's largest luxurious ocean liner, RMS Titanic, which set sail from England bound for New York in April 1912, but met with disaster when it met with a fatal collision with an iceburg en route, causing the loss of over 1500 lives.
Some regard this as the best version of the story.

See also James Cameron's Titanic (1997).

-Lord Heath

The definitive telling of Titanic's tale, because it relies on the simple facts, the scope and pathos of the tragedy, to tell the story, rather than hedging its bets by inserting a needless and treacly love story to grab the all too important teen ADD demographic. Sad that it makes Captain Lord and the Californian seem the villains of the piece, rather than Captain Smith's foolhardy bravado in plunging into an icefield at full speed, but that reflects the accepted wisdom of the day, and does not detract from the power of the film.

-Dave W.

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A Night to Remember
3rd July 1958

123 mins

A Night to Remember
16th December 1958

123 mins

16th June 1998

123 mins

A Night to Remember
27th March 2012

123 mins

Kenneth More
2nd Officer Charles H. Lightoller
Ronald Allen
Mr. Clarke
Robert Ayres
Major Arthur G. Peuchen
Honor Blackman
Mrs. Lucas
Anthony Bushell
Captain Arthur H. Rostron, SS Carpathia
John Cairney
Jill Dixon
Mrs. Clarke
Jane Downs
Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller
James Dyrenforth
Col. Archibald Gracie
Michael Goodliffe
Thomas Andrews
Kenneth Griffith
Jack Phillips, Wireless Operator
Harriette Johns
Lady Richard
Frank Lawton
Chairman J. Bruce Ismay
Richard Leech
1st Officer William M. Murdoch
David McCallum
Harold S. Bride, Asst. Wireless Operator
Alec McCowen
Harold T. Cottam, Wireless Operator,
SS Carpathia
Tucker McGuire
Mrs. Margaret Brown
("Molly Brown" is a Hollywood invention)
Ralph Michael
Mr. Yates
John Merivale
Robbie Lucas
Laurence Naismith
Captain Edward J. Smith
Russell Napier
Captain Stanley Lord, SS Californian
Redmond Phillips
Mr. Hoyle
George Rose
Chief Baker Charles J. Joughin
Joseph Tomelty
Dr. William F. N. O'Loughlin
Patrick Waddington
Sir Richard
Jack Watling
4th Officer Joseph G. Boxhall
Geoffrey Bayldon
'Sparks' SS Carpathia (Evans)
Michael Bryant
6th Officer James P. Moody
Cyril Chamberlain
Quartermaster George T. Rowe
Richard Clarke
Martin Gallagher
Richard Clarke
Bee Duffell
Mrs. Farrell
Harold Goldblatt
Benjamin Guggenheim
Gerald Harper
Eric Rees, 3rd Officer, SS Carpathia
Richard Hayward
Victualling Officer
Thomas Heathcote
Danuta Karell
Polish Mother
Andrew Keir
2nd Engineer John H. Hesketh
Christina Lubicz
Polish Girl
Barry MacGregor
Apprentice James Gibson, SS Californian
Edward Malin
Dining Salon Steward
Patrick McAlinney
Mr. James Farrell
Helen Misener
Mrs. Ida Straus
Mary Monahan
Howard Pays
5th Officer Harold G. Lowe
Philip Ray
Reverend Roger Anderson, SS Carpathia
Harold Siddons
2nd Officer Herbert Stone, SS Californian
Julian Somers
Mr Bull, Man on Train
Tim Turner
3rd Officer Charles V. Groves, SS Californian
Meier Tzelniker
Isador Straus
Jean Anderson
Stuffy Lady in Lifeboat (uncredited)
Denise Aylmer
Older Sharp-Featured Woman with Black Curly Hair (uncredited)
Hyma Beckley
Passenger (uncredited)
Joan Benham
Lottie (uncredited)
Charlie Bird
Passenger (uncredited)
The Blake Twins
Titanic Passengers (uncredited)
Ernest Blyth
Ist Class Passenger (uncredited)
Janet Bradbury
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
Mabel Etherington
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Roy Everson
Passenger (uncredited)
Chick Fowles
Wedding Guest / Passenger (uncredited)
Peter Grant
Titanic Crew Member (uncredited)
Muriel Greenslade
Wedding Guest / First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Rosamund Greenwood
Mrs. Bull (uncredited)
Charles Gilliard
Man in Street (uncredited)
Pat Halpin
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Aidan Harrington
Steward / Steerage Passenger (uncredited)
Eileen Harvey
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Carmen Hill
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
George Holdcroft
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Roger Avon
Lookout Reginald Lee
Charles Belchier
Wallace H. Hartley, Bandmaster
Diana Blackwood
Woman with Baby
Olwen Brookes
Miss Edith C. Evans
Henry Campbell
William T. Stead
Donald Churchill
George A. Cooper
Purser Ernest G. F. Brown, SS Carpathia
Paul Hardwick
Victor Giglio, Guggenheim's Valet
Victor Harrington
Richard Shaw
Maidie Andrews
Christening Lady
Jeremy Judge
Minor Role (uncredited)
Frederick Kelsey
Dignitary at Launching / First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Ann Lancaster
Mrs. Bull
Russell Waters
Victualling Steward
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
Female Supervisor, Children’s Workhouse
Anthony Lang
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Frederick Farley
Male Supervisor, Children’s Workhouse
Humphrey Kent
Bride's Father
Marjorie Weston
Bride's Mother
Charles Leno
Seaman (uncredited)
Elizabeth McKewen
Groom's Mother
Jack Cunningham
Irish Priest
Aileen Lewis
Passenger in Lifeboat (uncredited)
Jack Stewart
Alan Rolfe
Master Carpenter
Ronnie Meede
Fred Machon
Passenger (uncredited)
Dudley Sutton
Gerald Lawson
Drunken Steerage Passenger
Jack Mandeville
Crewman (uncredited)
Stephen Lowe
Tom Lucas
Clive Marshall
Crew Member (uncredited)
Michael Lees
Man With Souvenir Piece of Ice
Arthur Lovegrove
John Moulder-Brown
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
Howard Lang
Richard Neller
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Norman Rossington
Chief 3rd Class Steward James W.Kieran
Steve Plytas
Greek Steerage Passenger
Louise Nolan
Irish Mother (uncredited)
George Roderick
Gay Emma
Lucas Daughter
Etain O'Dell
Pauline Challoner
Lucas Daughter
Etain O'Dell
Stewardess (uncredited)
Desmond Llewelyn
Seaman at Steerage Gate
Robert Raglan
Chief Engineer A. B. Johnston, SS Carpathia
Gerald Andersen
1st Officer Horace J. Dean, SS Carpathia
Anthony Pendrell
Passenger (uncredited)
John Dunbar
Gladys Henson
Hysterical Woman
Hal Osmond
Mavis Ranson
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
Edith Raye
Passenger (uncredited)
Teresa Thorne
Miss Edith Russell
Charles Rayford
Waiter (uncredited)
Larry Taylor
Maureen O'Reilly
Lottie, the wife
Ernie Rice
Steerage Passenger (uncredited)
Marianne Stone
Allan McClelland
Lottie's Husband
Robert Scroggins
Titanic Bellboy
Jonathan Hanson
Hysterical Man on Lifeboat
Joyce Riley
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
Alexis Chesnakov
Praying Russian Passenger
Manfred Felix
Praying Hebrew Man
Daphne Jonason
Praying Swedish Woman
Derren Nesbitt
Stoker on Upturned Lifeboat
Arnold Schulkes
Wedding Guest / First Class Passenger / Second Class Passenger (uncredited)
Stratford Johns
Crewman on Upturned Liifeboat
Hennie Scott
Titanic Crewman (uncredited)
Bunny Seaman
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Jack Sharp
Second Class Passenger / Crewman / Steerage Passenger (uncredited)
Jack Silk
Electrician (uncredited)
Guy Standeven
Passenger (uncredited)
Charles Stapley
Passenger (uncredited)
James Sutherland
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
John Tatum
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Alma Taylor
Old Lady (uncredited)
Stuart Wagstaff
Titanic Steward (uncredited)
Pearl Walters
Passenger (uncredited)
John Warren
Titanic Crewman
Joey White
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
Kathleen Williams
Titanic Passenger (uncredited)
Gordon Whiting
Clerk, Victualling Dept.
Emerton Court
Chief Engineer Joseph Bell
Norman Morris
Quartermaster Hitchens, SS Carpathia
Glyn Houston
Keith Anderson
Assistant Purser
Robert James
Bernard Fox
Lookout Frederick Fleet
George Innes
Stoker (???)
John H. Watson
Steward Number 1
Peter Burton
Steward Number 10
Victor Wood
Steward Number 24
Douglas Bradley-Smith
Gerry Judge
Stanley Zevic
Polish Emigrant
Beth Rogan
Young Woman
Jeanette Bradbury
Young Girl
Desmond Roberts
Mr. Walter D. Douglas
Bay White
Mrs. Mahala Douglas
Miki Iveria
Tom Naylor
Man in Dressing Gown
William Forbes
Bart Allison
Drunk in Passageway
Diana King
Woman Passenger
John Martin
Lost Child
John Richardson
Derek Prentice
Lucia Guillon
Woman with Diamonds
J. Trevor-Davis
Elderly Man
Richard Beale
Queenstown Harbor Pilot
Arthur Hosking
Julian Strange
Passenger, Lord's Prayer
Jeremy Bulloch
Janet Munro
Passenger (???)
Pauline Chamberlain
Alf Mangan
Peter Brace
Jim Brady
Engineer Being Crushed by Dynamo
Michael Collins
Crewman Rowing Lifeboat
Max Faulkner
Reg Thomason
Steward / Crewman
Joe Wadham
Sailor in Lifeboat
Steve Donahue
Tony Spear
Mr. Know-it-all
Unknown Batch 2

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