Oh! What a Lovely War


Richard Attenborough

The Smith family goes to war and has a variety of adventures on the Western Front. Meanwhile, assorted aristocrats plot the fate of nations.

Astonishing anti-war musical with the proverbial all-star cast. Bits of it are dated, bits of it don't work, bits of it, like that final shot are pure brilliance. Cautiously recommended.

The poem that Jack Smith reads is The Soldier by Rupert Brooke.

Many of the extras are from the Brighton area, many are students from University of Sussex. This doesn't make my life any easier.

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10th March 1969

3rd October 1969

7th November 2006

144 mins

Wendy Allnutt
Flo Smith
Colin Farrell
Harry Smith
Malcolm McFee
Freddie Smith
John Rae
Grandpa Smith
Corin Redgrave
Bertie Smith
Maurice Roëves
George Smith
Paul Shelley
Jack Smith
Kim Smith
Dickie Smith
Angela Thorne
Betty Smith
Mary Wimbush
Mother Smith
Vincent Ball
Australian Soldier
Pia Colombo
Estaminet Singer
Paul Daneman
Czar Nicholas II
Isabel Dean
Christian Doermer
Robert Flemyng
Major Mallory
Meriel Forbes
Lady Grey
Ian Holm
President Poincare
David Lodge
Recruiting Sergeant
Joe Melia
Joe Melia
Joe Melia
salvation army man
Joe Melia
Guy Middleton
General Sir William Robertson
Juliet Mills
Nanette Newman
Cecil Parker
Sir John
Natasha Parry
Sir William's Lady
Gerald Sim
Thorley Walters
staff Officer
Anthony Ainley
3rd Aide
Penelope Allen
Solo Chorus Girl
Maurice Arthur
Soldier Singer
Freddie Ascott
'Whizzbang' Soldier
Michael Bates
Drunken Lance Corporal
Fanny Carby
Mill Girl
Cecilia Darby
Sir Henry's Lady
Geoffrey Davies
Edward Fox
1st aide
George Ghent
Peter Gilmore
Pvt. Burgess
Ben Howard
Pvt. Garbett
Norman Jones
Scottish Soldier (Chauffer's son)
Paddy Joyce
Irish Soldier
Angus Lennie
Scottish Soldier
Harry Locke
Clifford Mollison
Derek Newark
Shooting Gallery barker
Derek Newark
Sergeant Dobbs
John Owens
Irish soldier
Ron Pember
Cpl at station
Dorothy Reynolds
Marianne Stone
Mill Girl
Norman Shelley
Staff Officer in Ballroom
John Trigger
Officer at station
Kathleen Wileman
Emma Smith age 4
Dirk Bogarde
Phyllis Calvert
Lady Haig
Jean-Pierre Cassel
French Colonel
John Clements
General Von Moltke
John Gielgud
Count Leopold Von Berchtold
Jack Hawkins
Emperor Franz Josef
Kenneth More
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Laurence Olivier
Field Marshal Sir John French
Michael Redgrave
General Sir Henry Wilson
Vanessa Redgrave
Sylvia Pankhurst
Ralph Richardson
Sir Edward Grey
Maggie Smith
Music Hall Star
Susannah York
John Mills
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig
Frank Forsyth
Woodrow Wilson
Pamela Abbott
Charlotte Attenborough
Emma Smith Age 8
Annie Bee
Girl Friend in 'Goodbyee')
Norman Bird
Training Sergeant
Joanne Brown
Christopher Cabot
Soldier in Shell Hole
Jeremy Child
Wealthy young man
Frank Coda
Ambrose Coghill
His Father
Stella Courtney
Poincaré's Lady
Richard Davies
Sergeant in Burial Party
John Dunhill
Irish Soldier
Ray Edwards
3rd Staff Officer in Ballroom
Charles Farrell
John Gabriel
Nikolai Lenin
Zeph Gladstone
Sir John's Chauffeuse (Mavis)
Ruth Gower
Von Moltke's Lady
Kim Grant
Soldier in 'Goodbyee'
Paul Hansard
German Officer
Kathleen Helm
Berchtold's Lady
Richard Howard
Young Soldier at Mons
John Hussey
Soldier on Balcony
Lind Joyce
Scoreboard Girl
Dolores Judson
Haig's Girlfriend
Ruth Kettlewell
Duchess Sophie
Stanley Lebor
Richard Loring
Soldier in 'Goodbyee'
Tom Marshall
Soldier in 'Goodbyee'
Stanley McGeagh
Soldier in Gassed Trench
Isabelle Metcalfe
Girl Friend in 'Goodbyee'
Jenny Morgan
Girl Friend in 'Goodbyee'
Anthony Morton
Italian Military Attaché
Christine Noonan
Mill Girl
Steve Plytas
Turkish Military attache
Andrew Robertson
2nd Scottish Soldier
David Scheuer
French Soldier
Valerie Smith
Girl Friend in 'Goodbyee'
Pippa Steel
Scoreboard Girl
P.G. Stephens
Irish Soldier
Tony Thawnton
Officer on Telephone
Christian Thorogood
Irish Soldier
Brian Tipping
4th Scottish Soldier
Bette Vivian
Tony Vogel
German Soldier
Arthur White
Sergeant in Dugout
Michael Wolf
German Officer
John Woodnutt
British Officer
Julia Wright
Haig's Secretary
Mary Yeomans
Scoreboard Girl
Elizabeth Craven
Wensley Pithey
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Eddie Davies
Kenneth Colley
soldier at church service
Ian Wilson
salvation army (guess)
Sheila Cox
Chorus Girl
Hermione Farthingale
Chorus Girl
Joyce Franklin
Chorus Girl
Carole Gray
Chorus Girl
Dinny Jones
Chorus Girl
Delia Linden
Chorus Girl
Sue Robinson
Chorus Girl
Jane Seymour
Chorus Girl
Alan Helm
Richard Penny
Colin Vancao
Guy Standeven
US Captain