Our Relations


Harry Lachman

Stan & Ollie in their 8th full-length feature film play themselves, as happily married men and also as their own twins, sailors who disgraced the family many years ago, Naturally along the way the pair get mistook for the others and each of them gets the blame for the others actions.
This is one of their better films, in terms of storyline, but it does lack the slapstick humour most associated with them.

Followed by Way Out West (1937).

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30th October 1936

Stan Laurel
Stanley Laurel/Alfie Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy/Bert Hardy
Alan Hale
Joe Grogan
Sidney Toler
Ship Captain
Daphne Pollard
Mrs. Daphne Hardy
Betty Healy
Mrs. Betty Laurel
James Finlayson
Finn, the Chief Engineer
Iris Adrian
Lona Andre
Ralf Harolde
Noel Madison
Arthur Housman
Harry Bernard
Cop on Street Corner
Bobby Dunn
Messenger Man
Dell Henderson
Judge Polk
John Kelly
First Mate
Tiny Sandford
Tiny, Gangster's Henchman
Ruth Warren
Mrs. Addlequist

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