Teresa Wright
Thor Callum
Robert Mitchum
Jeb Rand
Judith Anderson
Mrs. Callum
Dean Jagger
Grant Callum
Alan Hale
Jake Dingle
John Rodney
Adam Callum
Harry Carey Jr.
Clifton Young
The Sergeant
Ernest Severn
Jeb, age 11
Charles Bates
Adam, age 11
Peggy Miller
Thor, age 10
Norman Jolley
A Callum
Lane Chandler
A Callum
Elmer Ellingwood
A Callum
Jack Montgomery
A Callum
Ray Teal
Army Captain (scenes deleted)
Erville Alderson
Townsman at Trial (uncredited)
Walter Bacon
Townsman at Trial (uncredited)
Rudy Bowman
Townsman (uncredited)
Virginia Brissac
Woman at the wedding (uncredited)
Russ Clark
Drill Master (uncredited)
Ben Corbett
Juror (uncredited)
Jack Davis
Doctor (uncredited)
Lester Dorr
Dingle's Casino Boss (uncredited)
Tom Fadden
The Minister
Carl Harbaugh
Bartender (uncredited)
Scotty Hugenberg
Jed, age 4 (uncredited)
Kathy Jeanne Johnson
Thorley, age 3 (uncredited)
Al Kunde
Minister (uncredited)
Harry Lamont
Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Mickey Little
Adam, age 4 (uncredited)
Ian MacDonald
A Callum (uncredited)
Charles Miller
Coachman (uncredited)
Ervin Richardson
Jeb's Father (uncredited)
Sherman Sanders
Square Dance Caller (uncredited)
Paul Scardon
Juryman (uncredited)
Allen D. Sewall
Townsman (uncredited)
William Sundholm
Juryman (uncredited)
Louise Volding
Jeb's Mother (uncredited)
Eddy Waller
Ben McComber (uncredited)
Crane Whitley
General (uncredited)
Ian Wolfe
Coroner (uncredited)