Q Planes

Clouds Over Europe


Tim Whelan
Columbia Pictures

Tale of test planes mysteriously disappearing and the agent tasked with figuring out why.

Neat combination spy thriller/pseudo science-fiction is almost excellent, marred by a few too many thick-headed bureaucrats, and a climax that is both silly and near unbelievable (and likely the basis for the ending of The Spy Who Loved Me). Richardson is wonderful, though, and it's plain to see that his character was the inspiration for John Steed (as Patrick Macnee has stated). Indeed, this almost seems like a very early prototype for the espionage shows that would be British television's mainstay in the 50s and 60s.

-Dave W.

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Clouds Over Europe
15th June 1939

82 mins

Q Planes
10th July 1939

83 mins

Q Planes
10th February 2014

79 mins

Laurence Olivier
Tony McVane
Valerie Hobson
Kay Lawrence
Ralph Richardson
Major Charles Hammond
George Curzon
George Merritt
Gus McNaughton
David Tree
R. Mackenzie, E97 Navigator
Sandra Storme
Hay Petrie
Stage Door Keeper
Frank Fox
George Butler
Air Marshal Gosport
(misspelled 'Air Marshall' in credits)
Gordon McLeod
The Baron
John Longden
John Peters
(as John Longdon)
Jack Vyvyan
Police Sergeant
Franklin Kelsey
Inspector Davis
John Singer
Newspaper Boy
Unknown 15423
Police Superintendent
Leslie Bradley
Hammond's Assistant
Unknown 15423
Northern Salvage Company Employee
Noel Dainton
Northern Salvage Company Employee
Raymond Lovell
Northern Salvage Company Manager
Ronald Adam
Pollock - Aviation Engineer
Gregory Stroud
Stroud - Aviation Engineer
Ian Fleming
Air Ministry Officer
Unknown 15423
Ground Crewman
Reginald Purdell
Pilot in Cafeteria
Unknown 15423
Pilot in Cafeteria
Unknown 15423
Pilot in Cafeteria
Don Webb
Man in Cafeteria
Unknown 15423
J. Nichols, E97 Observer
Unknown 15423
G. Scott, E97 Wireless Operator
Colin Keith-Johnston
Morland Graham
Viking Captain
Roy Emerton
Viking First Mate
Unknown 15423
Viking Radio Officer
Unknown 15423
Viking Wireless Operator
Unknown 15423
Viking Wireless Operator
David Farrar
Viking Bo'sun
Unknown 15423
Viking Crewman
Unknown 15423
Viking Crewman
John Laurie
Newspaper Editor
Unknown 15423
Copy Boy
Lewis Stringer
Foreign Agent in Car
Wallace Bosco
Gertrude Musgrove
Herbert Lomas
Mattie - Fisherman
Hal Walters
Cornish Car Driver
Mark Daly
John - Barrett & Ward Watchman
John Robinson
Navigator, E131
Patrick Aherne
Eileen Bennett
Minor Role
Henry Caine
Minor Role
Derek Farr
Minor Role
Sally Gray
Minor Role
Allan Jeayes
Minor Role
Miles Malleson
Minor Role
Airspeed Envoy
Q Planes E97 and E131
de Haviland Dragon Rapide
Air Ministry Plane
de Havilland Tiger Moth
McVane's Search Plane
HMS Echo
British Destroyer

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