The Right Stuff


Philip Kaufman

Intriguing, interesting and informative semi-historical look at the development of the space race back in the late 40s, early 50s which details the breaking of the sound barrier, as well as the first American astronauts in space. Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier is featured in the film in a small cameo role. Well worth a look.

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Right Stuff
22nd August 1997


Sam Shepard
Chuck Yeager
Scott Glenn
Alan Shepard
Ed Harris
John Glenn
Dennis Quaid
Gordon Cooper
Fred Ward
Gus Grissom
Barbara Hershey
Glennis Yeager
Kim Stanley
Pancho Barnes
Veronica Cartwright
Betty Grissom
Pamela Reed
Trudy Cooper
Scott Paulin
Deke Slayton
Charles Frank
Scott Carpenter
Lance Henriksen
Walter Schirra
Donald Moffat
Levon Helm
Jack Ridley
Mary Jo Deschanel
Annie Glenn
Scott Wilson
Scott Crossfield
Kathy Baker
Louise Shepard
Mickey Crocker
Marge Slayton
Royal Dano
David Clennon
Liaison Man
Jim Haynie
Air Force Major
Jeff Goldblum
Harry Shearer
Scott Beach
Chief Scientist
Jane Dornacker
Nurse Murch
Anthony Munoz
John P. Ryan
Head of Program
Darryl Henriques
Life Reporter
William Russ
Slick Goodlin
William Hall
The Permanent Press Corps
Robert Beer
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Erik Bergmann
Eddie Hodges
Tom Dahlgren
Bell Aircaft Executive
John Dehner
Henry Luce
David Gulpilil
O-Lan Jones
Girl at Pancho's
Chuck Yeager
Mimi Sarkisian
New Mexico Nurse in Lobby

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