Scotland Yard Inspector

Lady in the Fog


Sam Newfield

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Cesar Romero
Philip 'Phil' O'Dell
Lois Maxwell
Margaret 'Peggy' Maybrick
Bernadette O'Farrell
Heather McMara
Geoffrey Keen
Christopher Hampden
Campbell Singer
Inspector Rigby
Alastair Hunter
Det. Sgt. Reilly
Mary Mackenzie
Marilyn Durant
Lloyd Lamble
Martin Sorrowby
Frank Birch
Boswell, the airport manager
Wensley Pithey
Sid, the bartender
Reed De Rouen
Connors, the thug
Peter Swanwick
Bill Fraser
Sales Manager
Lionel Harris
Allan Mellon
Betty Cooper
Dr. Campbell, asylum superintendant
Clare James
Miss Andrews
Katie Johnson
'Mary Stuart' Old Inmate At Murder Scene
Jacques Cey
Head Waiter
Richard Johnson
Danny McMara, hit-and-run victim
Stuart Nichol
Robert Adair
John - the film director
Terry Carney
Minor Role
Robert Dorning
Airport Clerk
Josephine Douglas
Minor Role
Christina Forrest
Minor Role
Jack Howarth
Minor Role
Lisa Lee
Donna Devore
Robert Moore
Minor Role
Stuart Saunders
Dorinda Stevens
Minor Role
Hazel Sutton
Minor Role
Larry Taylor
Asylum Attendant