Scott of the Antarctic


Charles Frend

Americans admire total victory, the British honour noble failure. This is one of our finest. True story concerns the efforts of Captain Scott to be the first explorer to reach the South Pole.
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29th November 1948

20th April 1949

16th May 2006

13th November 2006

105 mins

John Mills
Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Diana Churchill
Kathleen Scott
Harold Warrender
Dr. Edward A. Wilson
Anne Firth
Oriana Wilson
Reginald Beckwith
Lt. Henry R. Bowers
Derek Bond
Captain Lawrence E.G. Oates
James Robertson Justice
Petty Officer Edgar "Taff" Evans
Kenneth More
Lt. Edward (Teddy) Evans
Norman Williams
Chief Stoker William Lashly
John Gregson
PO Thomas Crean
James McKechnie
Surgeon Lt. Edward L. Atkinson
Barry Letts
Apsley Cherry-Gerrard
Dennis Vance
Charles S. Wright
Larry Burns
PO Patrick Keohane
Edward Lisak
Melville Crawford
Cecil Meares
Christopher Lee
Bernard Day
John Owers
Steward F. J. Hooper
Bruce Seton
Lt. Harry Pennell
Clive Morton
Herbert Ponting FRGS
Sam Kydd
Leading Stoker Edward McKenzie
Mary Merrett
Helen Field
Percy Walsh
Chairman of Meeting
Noel Howlett
First Questioner
Philip Stainton
Second Questioner
Desmond Roberts
Admiralty Official
Dandy Nichols
David Lines
Telegraph Boy