The Shining


Stanley Kubrick
Warner Brothers

Aspiring writer and his family agree to look after a hotel during the winter season when it it closed.

Kubrick set out to make the scariest horror film ever and he almost pulled it off. King's novel charts the leads descent into madness, but Nicholson is in the basement to start with. Shelley Duvall, love her though I do, is mostly annoying.

Fairly tame by modern standards, but still packs a wallop through the constant sense of dread in the cavernous hotel.

Note: Robin Pappas and Burnell Tucker would have appeared in a now deleted final scene proving that the Torrances were A-OK.

-The Sloth

Yes, it's become a big part of pop culture, but really, it's vastly overrated (like most of Kubrick's films). The imaginary symbolism people have made up to tie the film in with moon hoaxes, overanalysis, etc. may have given the film a larger cult, but don't really help its reputation, nor that of modern "culture."

In the book, Torrance is a disgraced teacher descending into alcoholism. In the film, as Weary points out, Torrance is obviously batshit at the initial job interview. And therein lies the big problem with the film, along with Duvall's whiny annoyance of a character, as well as the kid, who's pretty annoying, too. Not hard to understand why Jack wants to turn them into kindling. The Overlook itself and its endless corridors are the real star of the film, and the final shot is a haunting one.

That all being said, when a version more accurate to the novel was attempted as a TV miniseries, it was a flop. So something to be said for the auteur interpretation, I guess.

-Dave W.

The Shining
13th June 1980

146 mins

The Shining
2nd October 1980

146 mins

Shining (Old Version)
29th June 1999


12th June 2001


23rd October 2007

119 mins

Jack Nicholson
Jack Torrance
Jack Nicholson
Jack Torrance
Jack Nicholson
Jack Torrance
Shelley Duvall
Wendy Torrance
Danny Lloyd
Danny Torrance
Scatman Crothers
Dick Hallorann
Barry Nelson
Stuart Ullman
Philip Stone
Delbert Grady
Joe Turkel
Anne Jackson
Tony Burton
Larry Durkin
Lia Beldam
Young Woman in Bath
Billie Gibson
Old Woman in Bath
Barry Dennen
David Baxt
Forest Ranger 1
Manning Redwood
Forest Ranger 2
Lisa Burns
Grady Daughter
Louise Burns
Grady Daughter
Robin Pappas
(deleted scene)
Alison Coleridge
Suzie, Ullman's Secretary
Burnell Tucker
(deleted scene)
Jana Shelden
(as Jana Sheldon)
Kate Phelps
Norman Gay
Injured Guest
Pauline Chamberlain
Woman in Black Gown in Ballroom
Maxwell Craig
Ballroom Dancer
Paul Desbois
Hotel Porter
Lynda Fisher
Ballroom Lady
Charlie Gray
Ballroom Guest
Aidan Harrington
Man Sitting in Hotel Lobby
Alan Harris
Ballroom Dancer
George Holdcroft
Ballroom Dancer
Barrie Holland
Ghost Party Guest
Vivian Kubrick
Party Guest
Aileen Lewis
Woman in Hotel Lobby
Bertha Lynn
TV Newscaster
Derek Lyons
Peter McNamara
Dinner Guest
Cathy Munroe
Hotel Worker
Chris Parsons
Dinner Guest
Glenn Rinker
Miami News Anchor
Bunny Seaman
Old Woman in Ballroom
Guy Standeven
Ballroom Guest
Reg Thomason
Ballroom Guest
Jack Cooper
Horace Derwent
Azizi Johari
Poster Girl

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