Biggles: Adventures in Time


John Hough

American ad exec travels in time to help British fighter pilot Biggles defeat a German sonic super weapon.

Flawed but somewhat enjoyable attempt to put W.E. Johns’ iconic character on the big screen. There are sparks of wit and some actually amusing humor, but, unfortunately, the flaws overwhelm what works. The framing story is extremely dull (no one cares about ad execs and TV dinners, especially not the teen audience the filmmakers appear to have been courting) and Alex Hyde-White’s character is not exactly enthralling. One would think there was plenty of material in the nearly 100 books to come up with something more interesting. The awful synth soundtrack and theme song are also absolutely inappropriate, even for 1986 (I also rather doubt London punks would listen to Mötley Crüe, but I digress).

On the other hand, Dickson makes the perfect Biggles, and Cushing, in his final screen role, adds some badly needed gravitas. The flying scenes are pretty exciting, too. A shame the film wasn’t a commercial or critical success, as there was potential here to expand and improve.

The weapon test scenes filmed at the old Beckton Gasworks are the most interesting; a few months after filming this, Stanley Kubrick would transform them into the ruins of Hue for Full Metal Jacket.

Note: Some scenes must have been deleted, as some roles do not appear to be present in the final cut.

-Dave W.

Cushing's last film has moments but alas doesn't gel, Hyde-White is irritating, Dickson is great however.

-The Sloth

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30th May 1986

92 mins

Biggles: Adventures in Time
29th January 1988

92 mins

Neil Dickson
James 'Biggles' Bigglesworth
Alex Hyde-White
Jim Ferguson
Fiona Hutchison
Debbie Stevens
Peter Cushing
Air Commodore William Raymond
Marcus Gilbert
Erich von Stalhein
(missplled 'Eric' in credits)
William Hootkins
Charles Winthrop 'Chuck' Dinsmore
Alan Polonsky
Francesca Gonshaw
Marie Janis
Michael Siberry
(The Hon. Algernon Montgomery Lacey)
James Saxon
(Lord Bertie Lissie)
Daniel Flynn
Ginger Hebblethwaite
Roy Boyd
German N.C.O
Samantha Bradshaw
Hotel Girl
Andrea Browne
Lady Buyer
David Butler
British Officer
David Cann
Sapper Officer
Fanny Carby
Cleaning Lady
Forbes Collins
German Soldier
Patricia Ford
Telephone Operator
Jennifer Guy
Hotel Girl
Ian Hanham
German Officer
Terence Mountain
(as Terry Mountain)
Catherine Neilson
Young Nun
Herman Nicholas
German Officer
Alibe Parsons
Maxine Fine
Steffanie Pitt
Christopher Robbie
Hotel Clerk
Lea Rochelle
Pam St. Clement
Mother Superior
Frank Singuineau
(as Frank Singuinean)
Jonathan Steward
Julie Sullivan
Gordon Hann
Construction Worker
Sean Barry-Weske
German N.C.O. at Sonic Weapon Site
Ken Coombs
Tower Hotel Bellboy
Gerald Paris
Tower Hotel Bellboy
Gerry Crampton
Stunt Coordinator
Roy Alon
Stunt Artiste
Wayne Michaels
Stunt Artiste
Gareth Milne
Stunt Artiste
Ken Barker
Stunt Artiste
Jim Dowdall
Stunt Artiste
Paul Heasman
Stunt Artiste
(as Pans Heasman)
Nick Hobbs
Stunt Artiste
Billy Horrigan
Stunt Artiste
Mark McBride
Stunt Artiste
Dinny Powell
Stunt Artiste
Colin Skeaping
Stunt Artiste
Alan Stuart
Stunt Artiste
Rocky Taylor
Stunt Artiste
Terry Walsh
Stunt Artiste
Chris Webb
Stunt Artiste
Stampe SV.4
Biggles' Plane
Boeing-Stearman Model 75
von Stalhein's Plane
Bell 206
Police Helicopter
World Trade Center
(second unit photography)
Tower Bridge

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