Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman


Stuart Heisler

Susan Hayward
Angelica Evans Conway
Lee Bowman
Ken Conway
Marsha Hunt
Martha Gray
Eddie Albert
Steve Nelson
Carl Esmond
Dr. Lorenz
Carleton G. Young
Fred Elliott
Charles D. Brown
Michael 'Mike' Dawson
Janet Murdoch
Miss Kirk, Baby Angelica's Nanny
Sharyn Payne
Angelica 'Angel' Conway
Robert Shayne
Mr. Gordon
Ernie Adams
Charley, Waiter (uncredited)
Erville Alderson
Farmer at Fire (uncredited)
Fred Aldrich
Doorman at Nightclub (uncredited)
Carol Andrews
Female Photographer (uncredited)
Sam Ash
Party Guest (uncredited)
Alex Ball
Party Guest (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict
Celebrant with Mr. Gordon (uncredited)
Larry J. Blake
Radio Station Emcee (uncredited)
Paul Bradley
Mike's Companion (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks
Clerk (uncredited)
Fred Browne
Bartender (uncredited)
Virginia Carroll
Woman (uncredited)
Douglas Carter
Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Tom Chatterton
Edwards, Ken's Butler (uncredited)
Dorothy Christy
Party Guest (uncredited)
Eddie Coke
News Photographer (uncredited)
James Conaty
Party Guest (uncredited)
James Craven
Sam Winsley (uncredited)
Sayre Dearing
Party Guest (uncredited)
Matt Dennis
Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Laurie Douglas
Singer at the Raven Club (uncredited)
Cecil Elliott
Matron (uncredited)
Alice Fleming
Miss Tierman (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
Inquisitive Party Guest (uncredited)
Charles Flynn
News Photographer (uncredited)
Cay Forester
Young Woman (uncredited)
Joan Fulton
Angelica as baby (voice) (uncredited)
Phil Garris
Bellhop (uncredited)
William Gould
Judge (uncredited)
Beatrice Gray
Nurse (uncredited)
Sherry Hall
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Al Hill
Man (uncredited)
Victoria Horne
Woman (uncredited)
Eddie Kane
Party Guest (uncredited)
Richard Kipling
Man (uncredited)
Peg La Centra
Angie's Singing Voice (voice) (uncredited)
Connie Leon
Mary, Angie's Maid (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness
Party Guest (uncredited)
Willene Luckett
Baby in crib (uncredited)
Wilbur Mack
Radio Commentator (voice) (uncredited)
Caren Marsh
Bobby-Soxer (uncredited)
Thomas Martin
Waiter (uncredited)
David McKim
Boy (uncredited)
George Meader
Attorney (uncredited)
George Meeker
Wolf, an Attorney (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Party Guest (uncredited)
Hans-Joachim Moebis
Club Patron (uncredited)
Ralph Montgomery
Doorman (uncredited)
Frances Morris
Mrs. Benton, Baby's Nurse (uncredited)
Noel Neill
Girl at Party (uncredited)
Vivien Oakland
Woman at Bar (uncredited)
Steve Olsen
Bartender (uncredited)
Alexander Pollard
Waiter (uncredited)
George Ramsey
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Ed Randolph
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Joe Recht
Jimmy, an Elevator Boy (uncredited)
Ruth Sanderson
Maggie (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Poker Player (uncredited)
Lee Shumway
Benson, Doorman (uncredited)
Milburn Stone
Raven Club Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Straight
Man (uncredited)
Ann Toth
Ladies Room Patron (uncredited)
John Valentine
Dr. Forbes (uncredited)
Nanette Vallon
Woman (uncredited)
Robert Verdaine
Maitre d' (uncredited)
Joseph Vitale
Poker Player (uncredited)
William Wagner
Waiter with Trash (uncredited)
John Wald
Radio Announcer at Cowboy Singing Show (uncredited)
Ethel Wales
Farmer's Wife at Fire (uncredited)
Chalky Williams
Bartender (uncredited)
Barbara Woodell
Girl (uncredited)