Billy the Kid


David Miller
Production Company

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30th May 1941

13th August 2009

95 mins

Robert Taylor
Billy Bonney
Brian Donlevy
Jim Sherwood
Ian Hunter
Eric Keating
Mary Howard
Edith Keating
Gene Lockhart
Dan Hickey
Lon Chaney Jr.
'Spike' Hudson
Henry O'Neill
Tim Ward
Guinn Williams
Ed Bronson (blacksmith)
Cy Kendall
Cass McAndrews
Ted Adams
"Buzz" Cobb
Frank Puglia
Pedro Gonzales
Mitchell Lewis
Bart Hodges
Dick Curtis
Kirby Claxton
Grant Withers
Ed Shanahan
Joe Yule
Milton (bartender)
Eddie Dunn
Pat Shanahan
Kermit Maynard
Thad Decker
Ethel Griffies
Mrs. Hanky
Chill Wills
Tom Patterson
Olive Blakeney
Mrs. Patterson
Ed Brady
Vagrant #2
George Chesebro
Hickey Gang Member
Jules Cowles
Vagrant #1
Connie Gilchrist
Mildred - Blonde Barmaid
Frank Hagney
Man in Saloon
Lew Harvey
The Duke
Arthur Housman
Saloon Janitor
Priscilla Lawson
Bessie - Barmaid
Tom London
Monte Montague
Man with Rifle at Second-Floor Window
John Raitt
Baritone in 'Lazy Acres' Number
Ray Teal
Sammy Axel
Harry Tenbrook
Man with Rifle Behind Barred Window

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