Soldier of Fortune


Edward Dmytryk
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Production Company

Soldier of Fortune
25th May 1955

96 mins

Soldier of Fortune
15th August 2006

96 mins

Clark Gable
Hank Lee
Susan Hayward
Mrs. Jane Hoyt
Michael Rennie
Inspector Merryweather
Gene Barry
Louis Hoyt
Alexander D'Arcy
Rene Dupont Chevalier (as Alex D'Arcy)
Tom Tully
Anna Sten
Madame Dupree
Russell Collins
Leo Gordon
Big Matt
Richard Loo
Gen. Po Lin
Soo Yong
Dak Lai
Frank Tang
Capt. Ying Fai - Chicago
Jack Kruschen
Austin Stoker
Mel Welles
Fernand Rocha
Barry Bernard
English Man (uncredited)
Robert Burton
Father Xavier (uncredited)
Harry Carter
Hotel Lobby Extra (uncredited)
George Chan
Clerk in Cheap Hotel (uncredited)
Danny Chang
Billy Lee - Hank's Adopted Son (uncredited)
Grace Chang
Prostitute (uncredited)
David Chow
Cashier (uncredited)
Kei Thin Chung
Chinese Officer (uncredited)
John Daheim
Percy - Second Australian Airman (uncredited)
Charles Davis
Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited)
John Eldredge
Man Slapped in Lobby (uncredited)
Alex Finlayson
First Australian Airman (uncredited)
Frances Fong
Maxine Chan - Shop Owner (uncredited)
Harold Fong
Steward at Fat Chan (uncredited)
Lee Tung Foo
Chinese Cook (uncredited)
Ivis Goulding
English Woman (uncredited)
James Hong
Chinese Policeman (uncredited)
Roland Soo Hoo
Bellboy (uncredited)
Marc Krah
Keim (uncredited)
Mike Lally
Bar Extra (uncredited)
Alan Lee
Eurasian Tour Clerk (uncredited)
Eddie Lee
Sentry (uncredited)
Leon Lontoc
Sailor at Ferry (uncredited)
Hank Mann
Bar Extra (uncredited)
Robert Quarry
Frank Stewart - U.S. Consulate (uncredited)
Jack Raine
Maj. Leith Phipps (uncredited)
Louis Serrano
Portuguese at Fat Chan (uncredited)
Walter Soo Hoo
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Kam Tong
Needle - Chinese Communist Interrogator (uncredited)
Noel Toy
Luan (uncredited)
George Wallace
Gunner (uncredited)
Trevor Ward
English Observer (uncredited)
Barbara Jean Wong
Haka Girl (uncredited)
Beal Wong
Chinese Clerk (uncredited)
Jean Wong
Haka Girl (uncredited)
William Yip
Bartender (uncredited)
Victor Sen Yung
Goldie - Hotel Waiter (uncredited)
Charles Davis
Hotel Desk Clerk
Virginia Ann Lee
Lucy Lee

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