Death Bite


William Fruet

Vengeful hunter gets his prey, a locallly worshipped deity, caught and brought home...what could go wrong?

Low budget 80s horror with some big budget trappings. For those of us that grew up in the golden days of rubber monsters and Fangoria magazine, here's one of the cover stars, a beastie and its mayhem produced by Carl Fullerton, Stephan Dupuis and the legendary Dick Smith. Pity it is required that most of the action takes place in poor lighting. Ollie Reed delivers a staggeringly good performance (especially at the end).

A theme by Tangerine Dream and a gratuitous shower scene fulfill the rest of the required trappings for the genre.

Never released on DVD.

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Peter Fonda
Tom Brasilian
Oliver Reed
Jason Kincaid
Kerrie Keane
Suzanne Cavadon
Al Waxman
Warren Crowley
Miguel Fernandes
Mendes (as Miguel Fernández)
Marilyn Lightstone
Dr. Claire Rothman
Angus MacInnes
Deacon Tyrone
Laurie Brown
Gerard Parkes
Capt. Novack
William Needles
Dean Franklin
Denis Simpson
Abo Shaman
Patrick Brymer
Sailor / Agent
George Bloomfield
Rev. Thomas Thanner
Al Maini
Abo Interpreter
Denise Fergusson
Psycho Patient
John Bayliss
Barry Flatman
David Bolt
Customs Officer
Les Rubie
Janitor (Eddie)
Walker Boone
Sgt. Brody
Don Buchsbaum
Policeman #1
Harvey Chow
Peter McConnell
Policeman #2
Julie Khaner
Sandra Awalt
Moira Shone
Girl in bikini
Scotty Allan
Country boy