The Spider and the Fly


Robert Hamer
Mayflower Pictures
Production Company

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18th November 1949

94 mins

28th July 1952


Eric Portman
Fernand Maubert
Guy Rolfe
Philippe de Ledocq
Nadia Gray
Madeleine Saincaize
Edward Chapman
Minister of War
Maurice Denham
Colonel de la Roche
George Cole
Marc, Maubert's Assistant
John Carol
Jean Louis
John Carol
Alfred Louis
May Hallatt
Monique, Fernand's Housekeeper
(as May Hallat in end credits)
James Hayter
Mayor of Versailles
John Salew
Minister's Secretary
Harold Lang
Arthur Lowe
Beck, Versailles Town Clerk
Patrick Young
Captain le Maitre
Sebastian Cabot
Inspector at Amiens
Jeremy Spenser
Madge Brindley
Jacque's Grandmother
(as Madge Brinley)
Keith Pyott
Father Pletsier
Natasha Sokolova
Nicole Porte, Girl in Berne
Philip Stainton
Café Schader Manager
Hal Osmond
Taxi Driver
Alastair Hunter
German Legation Watchman
(as Alistair Hunter)
Arnold Diamond
Policeman at Train Station
Dido Plumb
Blind Beggar
Gerry Judge
Café Michel Waiter
Unknown 17984-01
Police Official
Unknown 17984-02
Police Official
Howard Douglas
Inspector Le Jeune
Unknown 17984-03
Jail Warder
Unknown 17984-04
Policeman Escorting Lodocq
Tony Mendleson
Café Michel Patron
Iris Vandeleur
Marie, Charwoman
Louis Matto
Café Michel Waiter (uncredited)
Nina & Nora
Juggling Act
John Fabian
Pickpocket Victim
Jennifer Wright
Pickpocket Victim's Girl
Hattie Jacques
Café Michel Barmaid
Campbell Singer
Detective with Belfort
Unknown 17984-05
Detective on Roof Fighting Philippe
Peter John Faro
Boy in Tenement
Arthur Lane
Father in Tenement
Andreas Malandrinos
Bank Watchman
Anne Gunning
Janette, Madeleine's Maid
Unknown 17984-06
Suspicious Train Passenger
Wallace Douglas
Swiss Customs Official
Charles Paton
Café Schader Waiter
Rex Garner
Café Schader Waiter
Richard Nellor
Café Schader Patron
Unknown 17984-07
Café Schader Doorman
Fredric Steger
Swiss Warder
Arthur Dibbs
Detective with Madeleine
John Warren
Man (unconfirmed)
Sean Lynch
Young Boy
Sheila Pratt
Young Girl
Gerald Andersen
1st Coding Clerk
Hamilton Keene
2nd Coding Clerk
Ken Buckle
Joe Powell
Paddy Ryan
Tony Thawnton
Guy Rolfe's Stand-In

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