Stepford Wives


Bryan Forbes

Delicious rendering of Ira Levin's satirical urban horror. Long a source of wrangling between director Bryan Forbes and screenwriter William Goldman. Dated and feels like a TV movie, Nanette Newman is miscast but not for the reasons Goldman says. Silly, but at least two bits haunt - and I'm not talking about the delectable Ms. Ross in a sheer nightie. Perennial baddie Patrick O'Neal has never been more smoothly evil and Paula Prentiss is a delight too.
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Stepford Wives
2nd December 1997


Stepford Wives: Silver Anniversary Edition
24th July 2001


9th August 2004

Katharine Ross
Joanna Eberhart
Paula Prentiss
Bobby Markowe
Peter Masterson
Walter Eberhart
Nanette Newman
Carol Van Sant
Tina Louise
Charmaine Wimpiris
Carol Eve Rossen
Dr. Francher
William Prince
Ike Mazzard
Carole Mallory
Kit Sunderson
Toni Reid
Marie Axhelm
Judith Baldwin
Mrs. Cornell
Barbara Rucker
Mary Ann Stavros
George Coe
Claude Axhelm
Franklin Cover
Ed Wimpiris
Robert Fields
Raymond Chandler
Michael Higgins
Mr. Cornell
Michael Higgins
Mr. Cornell
Josef Sommer
Ted Van Sant
Paula Trueman
Welcome Wagon Lady
Martha Greenhouse
Mrs. Kirgassa
Neil Brooks Cunningham
Dave Markowe
Matt Russo
Moving Man 1
Anthony Crupi
Moving Man 2
Tom Spratley
Charlie the Doorman
Patrick O'Neal
Dale Coba
Emma Forbes
Alison Van Sant (uncredited)
Dennis Kear
Young Grocery Boy (uncredited)
John Aprea
young cop
Mary Stuart Masterson
Kim Eberhart
Kenneth McMillan
market manager
Patrick O'Neal
Dale Coba
Remak Ramsay
Mr. Atkinson
Ronny Sullivan
Dee Wallace
Nettie, maid