The Taking of Pelham One Two Three


Joseph Sargent

Four heavily armed men hijack a subway train, holding 18 passengers hostage, and demand a $1m ransom, which is to be delivered within the hour. If the money is not delivered within the hour, they will kill one person for every minute they are late. Gripping, tense, and clever.
Based on the novel by John Godey.

See also: Taking Of Pelham 123 (2009)

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2nd October 1974

105 mins

Taking Of Pelham One Two Three
29th February 2000


29th April 2002


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Walter Matthau
Lt. Garber
Robert Shaw
Mr. Blue
Martin Balsam
Mr. Green
Hector Elizondo
Mr. Grey
Earl Hindman
Mr. Brown
James Broderick
Denny Doyle
Dick O'Neill
Frank Correll
Lee Wallace
Tom Pedi
Caz Dolowicz
Beatrice Winde
Mrs Jenkins
Jerry Stiller
Lt. Rico Patrone
Nathan George
Patrolman James
Rudy Bond
Police Commissioner
Kenneth McMillan
Borough Commander
Doris Roberts
Mayor's wife
Julius Harris
Chief Inspector Daniels
Tony Roberts
Warren LaSalle
Hy Anzell
Latimer, Toll Booth Guard
Ruth Attaway
Mayor's Nurse
Thomas Barbour
T.A. Chairman
Anna Berger
The Mother (Hostage)
Simon Deckard
Ptl. Miskowsky
Mari Gorman
The Hooker (Hostage)
Michael Gorrin
The Old Man (Hostage)
Gene Gross
Nathaniel Muscat
Jerry Holland
Bud Carmody
Walter Jones
Mr Mattson
Penny Krompier
T.A. Secretary
Thomas La Fleur
The Older Son (Hostage)
Maria Landa
The Spanish Woman (Hostage)
Louise Larabee
The Alcoholic (Hostage)
Walter Lott
Executive on Train
Michelle Matthow
T.A. Receptionist
George Lee Miles
The Pimp (Hostage)
Tim Myers
Toru Nagai
Mr. Yahimura
Tura Nakamura
Mr. Nakabashi
Carolyn Nelson
Co-Ed#1 (Hostage)
Eric O'Hanian
The Younger Son (Hostage)
Sho Onodera
Mr. Matsumoto
Lucy Saroyan
Co-Ed#2 (Hostage)
Marvin Silbersher
William Snickowski
The Hippie (Hostage)
Sal Viscuso
Ptl. O'Keefe
Robert Weil
Conrad Yama
Mr. Tomashita
Joseph Attles
Angry Man
Cynthia Belgrave
The Maid (Hostage)
Gary Bolling
The Homosexual (Hostage)
Bill Cobbs
Man on Platform
Carol Cole
The Secretary (Hostage)
Alex Colon
The Delivery Boy (Hostage)
Tony Fasce
Ptl. Wentworth
Joe Fields
The Salesman (Hostage)
Carmine Foresta
Train Expediter
Gino Gennaro
Police Lieutenant
Burtt Harris
Ptl. Ricci
Isabella Hoopes
Woman on Platform
Chris Murney
Jim Pelham
Subway Guard
Willis Pinkett
Tower Man
Rowena Rollins
Angry Woman
Joe Seneca
Police Sergeant
Barry Snyder
The WASP (Hostage)
World Trade Center
World Trade Center

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