Ten Little Indians


Alan Birkinshaw

Fifth screen version (the third by Harry Alan Towers) of the Agatha Christie masterpiece features an odd change of location to a Safari in Africa, and performances which range from very good (greats Herbert Lom and Donald Plaseance, and Sarah Maur Thorp-who only made a handful of films) to ludicrous (Yehuda Efroni) to wooden (Frank Stallone) and the bizarre pairing of sophisticated Moira Lister and the gargantuan Paul Smith as husband and wife! The film also features a recording of Noel Coward's Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

-Scott Palmer

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1st November 1989

98 mins

Donald Pleasence
Mr. Justice Lawrence Wargrave
Herbert Lom
General Branko Romensky
Frank Stallone
Captain Philip Lombard
Sarah Maur Thorp
Vera Claythorne
Brenda Vaccaro
Marion Marshall
Warren Berlinger
William Henry Blore
Neil McCarthy
Anthony James Marston
Yehuda Efroni
Dr. Hans Werner
Moira Lister
Ethel Rodgers
Paul L. Smith
Elmo Rodgers

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