5 tombe per un medium

Terror-Creatures from the Grave


Massimo Pupillo
(as Frank Merle)

Lawyer journeys to isolated country estate to draw up a will, only to find the person in question has been dead for nearly a year, and the house is haunted by the 16th century ghosts of plague victims.

Nicely done tale of revenge from beyond the grave, especially in its correct Italian version, where one can appreciate the atmospherics without the rather flat English dubbing, as well as Carlo DiPalma's fine B&W photography. Don't let the silly US title keep you from watching this - it is a film well worth seeing.

Even in its stilted American version, the film is atmospheric and creepy. Sam Raimi must have taken note, as many scenes in The Evil Dead are obviously influenced by it (waking the dead by listening to an old recording, subjective shots of undead attackers, malevolent forests, etc). One grisly death by acid seems to have been remembered/homaged by Lucio Fulci in The Beyond, as well.

IMDb and Wikpedia state Pupilo allowed Ralph Zucker to take credit for direction. It appears this is an incorrect reading of the Italian credits. They read diretto da Ralph Zucker, literally "direct from" as in "presented by." The last opening credit reads diretta da Frank Merle, literally "directed by Frank Merle." Pupilo actually gave directorial credit to producer Francesco Merli under his anglicized pseudonym.

Full credit to Roberto Curti's excellent book, Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957-1969, for unraveling the Anglicizations of actors' names that IMDb hasn't done.

-Dave W.

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5 tombe per un medium
23rd June 1965

86 mins

Terror-Creatures from the Grave
16th May 1967

82 mins

Barbara Steele
Cleo Hauff
Walter Brandi
Albert Kovac
(as Walter Brandt)
Mirella Maravidi
Corinne Hauff
(as Marilyn Mitchell)
Alfredo Rizzo
Dr. Nemek
(as Alfred Rice)
Riccardo Garrone
Josef Morgan
(as Richard Garrett)
Luciano Pigozzi
(as Alan Collins)
Ennio Balbo
Oscar Stinnel
(as Edward Bell)
Renato Lupi
Town Clerk
(as René Wolfe)
Tilde Dall'Aglio
(as Tilde Till)
Ignazio Dolce
(as Steve Robinson)
Lucio Zarini
Undetermined Role
(as Lewis Czerny)
Pietro Sartori
Undetermined Role
(as Peter Sarto)
Armando Guarnieri
Ivert (Ivatch in US dub)
(as Armand Garner)
Unknown 19136
Morgan's Secretary
Unknown 19136
Old Lady
Unknown 19136
Unknown 19136
Jeronimus Hauff
Unknown 19136
Carolyn De Fonseca
US Voice: Cleo Hauff
VIlla Chigi
The Hauff Mansion

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