Time Bomb

Terror on a Train


Ted Tetzlaff

Saboteur plants a bomb on a freight train full of sea mines. The train is safely shunted to a siding, but can the bomb be defused in time?

Enjoyable little thriller, certainly nothing original. The performances, character bits and moody cinematography make it stand out, though. Herbert C. Walton steals the film as a dotty old trainspotter ("I like TRAINS!!!") And nice to see the reliably 'American' Glenn Ford playing a native of Quebec, just as he was in real life.

-Dave W.

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17th February 1953

73 mins

14th July 1953

73 mins

4th June 2013

72 mins

Glenn Ford
Peter Lyncort
Anne Vernon
Janine Lyncort
Maurice Denham
Mr. Warrilow
Harcourt Williams
Victor Maddern
Harold Warrender
Sir Evelyn Jordan
John Horsley
Constable Charles Baron
Campbell Singer
Inspector Branson
Bill Fraser
Constable J. Reed
Herbert C. Walton
Martin Wyldeck
Sergeant Collins
Arthur Hambling
Train Driver (Josh)
Harry Locke
Train Fireman
Frank Atkinson
Guard (Arthur)
Ernest Butcher
Martindale, Signalman
Unknown 19154-01
P.C. Bandaging Baron
Robert Hay-Smith
Tim Warrilow
Cicely Paget-Bowman
Mrs. Warrilow
Unknown 19154-04
Pat Hagan
Dinner Guest
Victor Harrington
Dinner Guest
Pat Ryan
Dinner Guest
Jack MacGowran
Bearded Man in Doss House
Unknown 19154-06
Laughing Man in Doss House
Harry Fine
Police Constable Searching Doss House
Keith Pyott
Train District Superintendent
Unknown 19154-07
Jack McNaughton
Briggs (uncredited)
Jack Armstrong
Records Division Policeman
Unknown 19154-08
Angry Woman Above Pub (Mrs. M)
Leslie Weston
Pub Landlord
Jack May
Pub Patron
George Spence
Pub Patron
Arthur Mullard
Policeman Evacuating Pub
Sam Kydd
Ticket Clerk
Hilda Fenemore
Jimmy's Mother
David Hannaford
Jimmy (uncredited)
Amy Dalby
Old Lady Looking for Charlie
Ada Reeve
Old Lady (uncredited)
Laurence Naismith
Ambulance Attendant
Leslie Phillips
Police Sergeant
Charles Rayford
Evacuee (uncredited)
Jim Brady
Police Constable
Unknown 19154-09
Charlotte Mitchell
Buffet Waitress
Daniel Wherry
Commercial Traveler
Edward Evans
Police Constable at Train Station
Peter Illing
Carlo (uncredited)
Paul Beradi
Wedding Guest in Photo
George Roderick
Wedding Guest in Photo
Russell Waters
Portsmouth Ticket Collector
John Brooking
Detective with Baron
Jean Anderson
Hospital Matron
Robert Rietty
Mr. Hancock

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