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The Thing From Another World


Christian Nyby
Winchester Pictures Corp.

Research expedition in Alaska finds a flying saucer buried in the ice. Unfortunately the occupant of said saucer gets accidentally thawed out, and he has no peaceful intentions towards us Earthlings...

One of the first great sci-fi films of the Fifties that still manages to hold up today. It does have to be said that the Thing, when finally revealed, is not scary at all...but how scary could a space carrot be?

Remade three decades later by John Carpenter as a much closer (and grislier) adaptation of John W. Campbell's original story.

Spencer's reporter is possibly the most irritating movie character outside of an Adam Sandler film, but he does have one of the best lines in movie history: "Keep watching the skies!!!"

-Dave W.

29th April 1951

87 mins

Margaret Sheridan
Nikki Nicholson
Kenneth Tobey
Captain Patrick Hendry
Robert Cornthwaite
Dr. Arthur Carrington
Douglas Spencer
Ned 'Scotty' Scott
James Young
Lt. Eddie Dykes
Dewey Martin
Bob, Crew Chief
Robert Nichols
Lt. Ken 'Mac' MacPherson
William Self
Corporal Barnes,
Radio Operator
Eduard Franz
Dr. Stern
Sally Creighton
Mrs. Chapman
James Arness
'The Thing'
Edmund Breon
Dr. Ambrose
Nicholas Byron
Tex Richards
John Dierkes
Dr. Chapman
George Fenneman
Dr. Redding
Lee Tung Foo
Lee, A Cook
Paul Frees
Dr. Voorhees
Everett Glass
Dr. Wilson
David McMahon
Brigadier General Fogarty
Bill Neff
Bill Stone
Walter Ng
Second Cook
Norbert Schiller
Dr. Laurence
Robert Stevenson
Capt. Smith-Fogarty's Aide
Billy Curtis
'The Thing' shrinking
Tom Steele
'The Thing' on fire
Robert Bray
Captain (unconfirmed)
Ted Cooper
Lieutenant (unconfirmed)
Milton Kibbee
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Ray McDonald
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Edgar Murray
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
H. B. Newton
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Carmen Nisbet
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
William J. O'Brien
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Jimmy Ogg
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Allan Ray
Lieutenant (unconfirmed)
Cap Somers
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Lucille Thompson
Bit Part (unconfirmed)

Dave Wright: Screencaps & Notes