This is Spinal Tap


Rob Reiner
Embassy Pictures

You would think the filmmakers could have found a better band to make a documentary about. Maybe if it had been mixed in Dubly. . .

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2nd March 1984

14th July 1998


28th July 2009

82 mins

Rob Reiner
Marty DiBergi
Kimberly Stringer
Heavy Metal Fan
Chazz Dominguez
Heavy Metal Fan
Shari Hall
Heavy Metal Fan
R. J. Parnell
Mick Shrimpton
David Kaff
Viv Savage
Tony Hendra
Ian Faith
Michael McKean
David St. Hubbins
Christopher Guest
Nigel Tufnel
Harry Shearer
Derek Smalls
Bruno Kirby
Tommy Pischedda
Jean Cromie
Ethereal Fan
Patrick Maher
New York M.C.
Ed Begley Jr.
John 'Stumpy' Pepys
Danny Kortchmar
Ronnie Pudding
Fran Drescher
Bobbi Fleckman
Patrick Macnee
Sir Dennis Eaton-Hogg
Memo Vera
Julie Payne
Mime Waitress
Dana Carvey
Mime Waiter
Sandy Helberg
Angelo DiMentibelio
Robin Menken
Angelo's Associate
(as Robin Mencken)
Zane Buzby
Rolling Stone Reporter
Billy Crystal
Morty the Mime
Jennifer Child
Limo Groupie
J.J. Barry
Rack Jobber
George McDaniel
Southern Rock Promoter
Paul Benedict
Tucker "Smitty" Brown
Anne Churchill
Howard Hesseman
Terry Ladd
Paul Shortino
Duke Fame
Cherie Darr
Fame Groupie
Lara Cody
Fame Groupie
Andrew J. Lederer
Student Promoter
(scenes deleted?)
Russ Kunkel
Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs
Diana Duncan
"Jamboreebop" Dancer
Gina Marie Pitrello
"Jamboreebop" Dancer
June Chadwick
Jeanine Pettibone
Vicki Blue
Joyce Hyser
Gloria Gifford
Airport Security Officer
Paul Shaffer
Artie Fufkin
Archie Hahn
Room Service Guy
Charles Levin
Disc 'n' Dat Manager
Wonderful Smith
Backstage Maintenance Guy
Anjelica Huston
Polly Deutsch
Chris Romano
Little Druid
Daniel Rodgers
Little Druid
Fred Willard
Lt. Bob Hookstratton
Fred Asparagus
Joe "Mama" Besser
Rodney Kemerer
L. A. Party Guest
Robert Bauer
Brinke Stevens
Girlfriend (uncredited)

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