Tony Draws a Horse


John Paddy Carstairs
J. Arthur Rank Organisation
Production Company

Fitfully funny comedy about differing parenting methods, Never quite escapes its stage origins, and some of the characterizations are a bit shallow. Crawford's character is especially obnoxious, as is the epynomous Tony (who unfortunately we never get to see the spanking he so richly deserves). Rigby's crochety grandpa and Hurst's anarchist get the best moments.

-Dave W.

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7th June 1950

90 mins

Cecil Parker
Dr. Howard Fleming
Anne Crawford
Clare Fleming
Derek Bond
Tim Shields
Barbara Murray
Joan Parsons
Mervyn Johns
Alfred Parsons
Barbara Everest
Molly Parsons
Edward Rigby
Dandy Nichols
Mrs. Smith (Smitty)
Anthony Lang
Tony Fleming
Kynaston Reeves
Dr. Bletchley
David Hurst
Ivan Pschanschynoff
Gabrielle Blunt
Marjorie Gresley
Mrs. Carey Brown
Sebastian Cabot
1st French Patron
Eugene Deckers
Dieppe Bistro Waiter
Keith Pyott
Plain Clothes Man
Cyril Chamberlain
Station Sergeant
Nicholas Bruce
Dupuis, Dieppe Airport Official
Anne Smith
Ann, Bridesmaid
Susan Dudley
Susan, Bridesmaid
Bill Hodge
Charles, the Best Man
Gabrielle Brune
Edie, the Barmaid
Jonathan Field
Mr, Smille, Church Organist
Jack Vyvyan
Mr. Bowles
(as Jack Vyvyan)
Michael Ward
Wedding Photographer
Charles Perry
1st City Gentleman
Maxwell Foster
2nd City Gentleman
John Warren
1st Heckler
Robert James
2nd Heckler
Leonard Morris
3rd Heckler
Edward Evans
4th Heckler
Luz de Andia
Lucille, the French Bride
Michael Allen
Pierre Martinot, the French Groom
Agnes Bernelle
1st French Bridesmaid
Micheline D'Aracon
2nd French Bridesmaid
Jean Driant
French Best Man
Dora Sevening
Lucille's Mother
Henry De Bray
Lucille's Father
Ann Stephenson
Pierre's Mother
Rene Poirier
Pierre's Father
Guido Lorraine
Accordion Player
Jacques Cey
2nd French Patron
Joy Harington
Wedding Modiste
Unknown 19790-02
Modiste's Assistant
Harold Sanderson
Pub Patron
Pat Ryan
Pub Patron
Cowley Brown
Pub Patron
Hyma Beckley
Man in Speakers' Corner Crowd
Jack Arrow
Man in Speakers' Corner Crowd
Eddie Boyce
Man in Speakers' Corner Crowd
Gerry Judge
Man in Speakers' Corner Crowd
Robert Cawdron
French Wedding Party Hanger-on
Unknown 19790-03
French Violinist
Jim Morris
Police Constable
Wallace Bosco
The Crown Publican
Jack Mandeville
Wedding Guest
Newcastle-Dieppe Ferry

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