Tower Of London


Rowland V. Lee
Universal Pictures
Production Company

Richard III, an heir to the throne is bitter that his brother, the King, has children and as such they push his status further down the pecking order in line to be the future king.
Karloff's performance as the executioner is as top-class as you'd expect, and Rathbone has another excuse to show what he can do with a sword in his hand (he would have made a great Jedi knight!) Barbara O'Neil's rather revealing dress is also worth admiration. ~ Lord Heath

Richard III gets the Universal horror treatment. Not bad, but no classic. ~ The Sloth

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17th November 1939

19th September 2006

Basil Rathbone
Richard III
Boris Karloff
Barbara O'Neil
Queen Elizabeth
Ian Hunter
Edward IV
Vincent Price
Duke of Clarence
Nan Grey
Lady Alice Barton
Ernest Cossart
Tom Clink
John Sutton
John Wyatt
Leo G. Carroll
Lord Hastings
Miles Mander
King Henry VI
Lionel Belmore
Rose Hobart
Anne Neville
Ronald Sinclair
King Edward the Fifth
John Herbert-Bond
Boy Prince Richard of York
Ralph Forbes
Henry Tudor
G.P. Huntley
Prince of Wales
John Rodion
Lord Devere
Walter Tetley
Chimney Sweep
Donnie Dunagan
Baby Prince
Ernie Adams
Thirsty Prisoner
Ivan Simpson
Anne's protector

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