The Trials of Oscar Wilde


Oscar Wilde on the verge of his greatest triumph is defamed by the father of his 'companion', Lord Alfre Douglas.

The O.J. celebrity trial of its day makes for generally depressing viewing. Finch is superb, Fraser, annoying. Packed full of enough character actors and extras to make a whole new thread on the forum.

The US DVD copy is pretty awful, which makes trying to vidcap the legion of extras impossible.

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Peter Finch
Oscar Wilde
Yvonne Mitchell
James Mason
Edward Carson
Nigel Patrick
Sir Edward Clarke
Lionel Jeffries
John Sholto Douglas, Marquis of Queensberry
John Fraser
Lord Alfre Douglas
Sonia Dresdel
Lady Wilde
Maxine Audley
Ada Leverson
James Booth
Alfred Wood
Emrys Jones
Robbie Ross
Lloyd Lamble
Charles Humphries
Paul Rogers
Frank Harris
Ian Fleming
Arthur, the Wilde Butler
Laurence Naismith
Prince of Wales
Naomi Chance
Lily Langtry
Meredith Edwards
Anthony Newlands
First Clerk of Arraigns
Robert Percival
Second Clerk of Arraigns
Michael Goodliffe
Charles Gill
Liam Gaffney
Willie Wilde
William Kendall
Lord Ashford
Ronald Cardew
Lord Sonning
Cicely Paget-Bowman
Lady Queensberry
Derek Aylward
Lord Percy Douglas
Campbell Singer
Victor Brooks
Alfred Burke
A.J. Brown
Justice Collins
Charles Carson
Justice Charles
David Ensor
Justice Wills
Edward Evans
Howard Lang
Court Usher
Gladys Henson
Mrs. Burgess, Landlady
John Welsh
Cafe Royal Manager
John Bennett
Marquis of Queensberry's Friend
Bill Brandon
Marquis of Queensberry's Friend
Margot Bryant
Richard Caldicot
Bookshop Proprietor
Victor Harrington
Theatre Guest
David Langton
Aidan Harrington
Reg Thomason