The Blue Dahlia


George Marshall

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16th April 1946

1st June 1946

Alan Ladd
Johnny Morrison
Veronica Lake
Joyce Harwood
William Bendix
Buzz Wanchek
Howard Da Silva
Eddie Harwood
Doris Dowling
Helen Morrison
Tom Powers
Captain Hendrickson
Hugh Beaumont
George Copeland
Howard Freeman
Don Costello
Will Wright
Dad Newell
Frank Faylen
The Man
Walter Sande
Heath: Gangster
Bea Allen
News Clerk
Harry Barris
Nina Borget
Mexican Waitress
Mae Busch
Jenny - Maid
George M. Carleton
DeAnza Hotel Clerk
Douglas Carter
Bus Driver
Anthony Caruso
Marine Corporal
Jack Rube Clifford
Plainclothes Cop
Tom Dillon
Cop in Prowl Car
Jimmie Dundee
Driver of Gangster Car
Jay Eaton
Bar Patron
Bess Flowers
Cocktail Party Guest
Jack Gargan
Cab Driver
Paul Gustine
Eddie Hall
Soldier Picking Up Suitcase in Bus Station
Harry Hayden
Mr. Hughes - Assistant Hotel Manager
Charles Anthony Hughes
Lt. Lloyd
Jerry James
Cocktail Party Guest
Stan Johnson
Naval Officer
Perc Launders
Hotel Clerk
Arthur Loft
'Wolf' at Bar
Vera Marshe
Matt McHugh
Bartender at Gus's
William Meader
Cocktail Party Guest
James Millican
Noel Neill
Hatcheck Girl
William J. O'Brien
Man at Cavendish Apartments
Franklin Parker
Police Stenographer
Ed Randolph
Cop in George's Apartment
Ricky Ricardi
Minor Role
Albert Ruiz
George Sorel
Paul - Captain of Waiters
Beverly Thompson
Beverly - Party Guest
Harry Tyler
Clerk in Bus Station
Henry Vroom
Master Sergeant
Gloria Williams
Assistant Maid
Dick Winslow
Piano Player at Party