What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?


Robert Aldrich

Forget the film - it's what went on between the two leading stars (Crawford & Davis) OFF screen rather than ON that makes this movie one of the most notoriously infamous of all-time! Simply in a word: they HATED each other!!

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31st October 1962

100 Film Collection
29th January 2013

Bette Davis
Jane Hudson
Joan Crawford
Blanche Hudson
Victor Buono
Edwin Flagg
Wesley Addy
Marty McDonald
Julie Allred
Baby Jane Judson in 1917
Anne Barton
Cora Hudson
Marjorie Bennett
Mrs. Dehlia Flagg
Bert Freed
Ben Golden
Anna Lee
Mrs. Bates
Maidie Norman
Elvira Stitt
Dave Willock
Ray Hudson
William Aldrich
Lunch Counter Assistant at Beach
Ernest Anderson
Ernie, Ice Cream Vendor at Beach
Russ Conway
Police Officer
Maxine Cooper
Bank Teller
Roger Cornthwaite
Dr. Shelby
Gina Gillespie
Blanche Hudson in 1917
Barbara Merrill
Liza Bates
Bobs Watson
Cop Reading Newspaper

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