The Young Mr. Pitt


Carol Reed

The trials and tribulations of Britain's youngest Prime Minister, William Pitt. As those trials and tribulations cover the Napoleonic wars, no small potatoes here.

Robert Donat s his usual super self supported by and astonishing 147 speaking parts of whom I have barely scratched the surface, complicated by the elusiveness of this film. Maybe one day, we will return to do it better justice as it is a super evocation of time and place.

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21st September 1942

Robert Donat
William Pitt / The Earl of Chatham
Robert Morley
Charles James Fox
Phyllis Calvert
Eleanor Eden
John Mills
William Wilberforce
Geoffrey Atkins
William Pitt, as a boy
Jean Cadell
Mrs. Sparry
Raymond Lovell
George the Third
Agnes Lauchlan
Queen Charlotte
Felix Aylmer
Lord North
Ian McLean
Max Adrian
Richard Sheridan
A. Bromley Davenport
Sir Evan Nepean
John Salew
Herbert Lom
Albert Lieven
Stephen Haggard
Lord Nelson
Stuart Lindsell
Earl Spencer
Henry Hewitt
Frederick Culley
Sir Wm. Farquhar
Frank Pettingell
Barker, Coachman
Leslie Bradley
Gentleman Jackson
Roy Emerton
Dan Mendoza
Hugh McDermott
Mr. Melvill
Alfred Sangster
Lord Grenville
Austin Trevor
French Registrar
Louis Diswarte
Napoleon's father
Dalla Black
Napoleon's mother/girl friend of the young Charles James Fox/daughter of the Duchess of Gordon
Ronald Alan
Lord Temple
Gibb McLaughlin
George Selwyn, MP
James Harcourt
Max Kirby
3rd Secretary
Jack Watling
Frederick Leister
Lord Auckland
Cecil Bevan
Leo Genn
Muriel George
Mrs Carr, the cook at Lord Auckland's house
Aubrey Mallalieu
Somerset, servant at Lord Auckland's house
Esma Cannon
maid at Lord Auckland's house
Merle Tottenham
maid at Lord Auckland's house
Leslie Dwyer
servant at Lord Auckland's house
Ronald Shiner
Man in Stocks
Peter Gawthorne
Kathleen Byron
Millicent Grey
David Horne
lord mayor
Charles Morton
Hugh Ardale
Naval Officer
Gertrude Maesmore Morris
Lady in Waiting
David Trickett
Tommy Auckland
Margaret Vyner
Duchess of Devonshire
Charles Doe
old member
Grant Tyler
young boy
David Lees
little boy
Jacqueline Cook
Stan Paskin
Peter Ihle
Philip Friend
Minor Role
Alf Goddard
Minor Role
Ann Stephens
Minor Role
Townsend Whitling
Kynaston Reeves
Minor Role
Joan Rees
Johnnie Schofield
Minor Role
Bruce Winston
Minor Role
John Bradley
Joe Clark
Owen Reynolds
Minor Role
Billy Holland
Minor Role
Gerald Cooper
Cecil Rayne
Ralph Roberts
Minor Role
Edgar Vosper
Edmund Willard
Minor Role
Frederick Valk
Minor Role
Lucien Camilliere
J.H. Roberts
Esme Percy
Minor Role
George Bishop
Ardele Shelley
Ellen Lewis
C. Jervis Walters
Bertram Wallis
D.J. Williams
Minor Role
Morland Graham
Minor Role
Lloyd Pearson
Minor Role
W.E. Holloway
Minor Role
Charles Paton
Minor Role
Gordon James
Minor Role
Neal Arden
Minor Role
Gordon Edwards
Stanley Escane
Leslie Harcourt
Sidney Pointer
John Patience
Leonard Glasspoole
Maurice Maude
Allan Burdell
Farmer Millard of Great Missenden
James Kenney
Minor Role
John Slater
Minor Role
Nigel Clarke
Gerhard Kempinski
Nettie Price
J.O. Twiss
John Varley
Ben Williams
James Woodburn
Rod J. McPherson
Alan Badel
C. William Carleton-Crowe
David Keir
Sydney Tafler
Peter Murray
Henry Morrell
Jack May
Jaclyn Maree
Ann Russell
Herbert Lomas
Lawrence O'Madden
Johnny Brandon
Bit part
Mr. Gibbon
Duchess of Gordon