The Ghost Train


Walter Forde
Gainsborough Pictures

Arnold 'Can I be excused?' Ridley's play becomes a vehicle for Arthur Askey and one really wishes Will Hay had been there instead. Nevertheless, a classic of 40s UK cinema that seems to have been elusive for many years.

-The Sloth

Previously filmed in 1927, 1931 and 1939 (the latter being a Dutch film), and apparently due for a remake in 2012.
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The Ghost Train
3rd May 1941

87 mins

The Ghost Train
13th February 2006

Arthur Askey
Tommy Gander
Richard Murdoch
Teddy Deakin
(as Richard "Stinker" Murdoch)
Kathleen Harrison
Miss Bourne
Peter Murray-Hill
Richard G. Winthrop
Carole Lynne
Jackie Winthrop
Morland Graham
Dr. Sterling
Betty Jardine
Edna Hopking
Stuart Latham
Herbert Perkins
Herbert Lomas
Saul Hodgkin
Raymond Huntley
John Price
Linden Travers
Julia Price
D.J. Williams
Ben Isaacs
Wallace Bosco
Ted Holmes (uncredited)
Wilfrid Lawson
Undetermined Role (unconfirmed)
George Merritt
Inspector (uncredited)
Sidney Monckton
Train Guard (uncredited)